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I dont know whats wrong with me
I look in the mirror and there blood on my hands
I try and wash it off but its burning because its the truth
Im the rotten one in the family, and your the golden goose

Its been a few years and now im all clean
I remember when i was a child and falling into the pit of disspear
With nothing to wear but the ragged carpets of the unwashed queen

Now i dance around in all the night clubs getting drunk
Washing the staind marks on my wrists andd hands when i was younger
Covering it with all the foundation and make up to hide my uglynesss i feel
Sleeping waking up next to a stranger that i dont even know

I wake up another day a older man to who i was
I look back on all the memerys of all the mistaken notes
I look forward to a child i want
It may be considered
I want to love my child, the love i never had
I want to hug the child when he or she is sad
Now he can say
I want my... my dad and my dad

Me and my newlly wedded husband with my child
Will walk in the school tall and proud
We will be judged but we knoe we will be loved

To those who oppse us
Who discriminate aganst us

To you i say

“Love is love and you have no reason not to belive”

(i want to change some bits i dont feel right with some of it but here ya go)

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