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How can I tell one of my best friends I love him ? - Gay Guys! <3

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I've known him since we where little and his change a lot ( in a good way ).
I think he is bisexual like me but, he says hes not. Sometimes he acts gay
like sitting on our laps, grabbing but cheeks and trying to kiss us in the cheek . He says it's only friendly play but I don't buy it. I kinda love him cause we've been through a lot but, if he is not sure of what he likes I don't know if I can tell him.
Cause what if he is telling the truth and he's only playing...
I'm afraid if I tell him our friendship would be lost ( he doesn't know I'm bi ).


If yu dont tell him, then your friendship will only hurt yu more because yu are going to fall deeper and deeper. I feel yu should tell him. LIfe is worth taking risks after all.


Hmm, this is a tough one. Hopefully if he doesn't return your feelings, he will understand them and you two can remain best friends even though he'll know that you're in love with him. If he DOES return your feelings, great. :-)


it's just that right now he has a lot of confidence with me.
he comes to my house we hang out in my room and all
but when I see him in my bed I just want to lay next to him.
We share thoughts and I'm afraid he'll lose the confidence
he has with me if I tell him....


Well, even though it's risk taking, you'll never know unless you try.


well i don't think you should tell him that you have a crush on him...love is between 2 people...and well i don't know if he's in the same boat as you...so in my point of view it can't be love...maybe you should try coming out the closet with him 1st...as a baby step to see how he will react...but that's up to you if you want to reveal your sexuality...because telling him that your bi and that you have a crush on him is a little too much to handle...so as i've said before...take baby steps...come out the closet...and see where your friendship goes from there...i'm sure that if you guys are really good friends...this won't be a problem...


Better than what I said. -^_^-


only 3 of my friends know about my sexuality
I haven't told my childhood friends cause
I've herd them making fun of gay guys
so i'm afraid of what they'll say
if they knew of me....
that's why I live a double life
and try to make friends that'll understand and support me
when the time comes I'll tell them.
but I want to tell Christopher now but I'm afraid.....


So often a double life is the burden of gays - you could try having a direct conversation along the lines of asking him what he thinks of gays in general - don't make the conversation about your feelings unless he responds positively to the general issue - you could then ask him what he would think if you expressed those feelings - phrase it in the 'what if someone told you they were gay and had feelings for you?' context. Hope this helps ... good luck!


been there done that was in love with my best bud and didn't do anything about it and regret it to this day so dude be carefull am still freinds at this time but not like when we where young


he says he doesn't have a problem wit gay people but
I think he's bi himself by the way he "plays " and acts.
but he says he doesn't go that way .
I don't know what to do.... !!!


Honestly Rafael I am in the same boat as you are right now. It is definitely not a crush on my part. I've genuine feelings about my best friend right now and I've told him I'm Bisexual. He's totally cool with it and we're still besties. We still share our little secrets and share a bed during sleepovers go to the gym together. But just like your best friend mine's told me he's 100% straight. So i respect that and I believe he is however somewhere deep inside us we just wish he wasn't and with all the reading I've gone through, I believe everyone is Bisexual. It's whether they accept that part of them. No one is 100% gay or straight. It's all in the mind.

But I agree with the previous posts. Take baby steps and tell him you're Bi first and have a look at his reactions. If you're really good friends he should be able to take it well. As for telling him you love him, I'd say save it for the right moment. I'm still waiting for mine. Crossing the line between best friends and lovers is a big leap. Many a times it may never go back to the way it was. Just continue to be the way you are. He'll catch on eventually.

I have no idea how to tell my best friend I love him (his personality him being him ) and not only his hot body. Maybe I should tell him while we're alone doing something relaxing and having one of our speak our hearts out moments that I have feelings for him and then emphasize that I will not take advantage of him and that I really do care for him so I won't want to hurt him in anyway or make him distrust or doubt me and that he is hot no doubt and I do want him badly but I would never allow myself unless he wants it...and finally...after some other idle conversation i'll lead him towards the topic that should he ever be curious I'd be willing to help him ( this last part I might leave it out if i see he isn't taking the news well ).


take him aside so you two can be alone and tell him how you feel then tell him if he does not want to be friends because of it, then you understand. dont get your hopes high but just be your self and hopefully you will stay as friends if not lovers.


You'd rather lose a friend or gain a lover, on a scale the extent of your friendship with him


AAAAG...! Don't know what to do ! I'm thinking of every single thing that he could say and I'm getting frustrated... and every time he comes to my house we can never be alone whether I have a cousin over or another friend comes along ...
I really need that perfect moment...............
I would really hate to lose his friendship but I really want him to return my feelings.


so listen to what i said before. yu have to risk your friendship for the possibility of having a relationship with someone yu are in love with. i know its agravating, but its going to stress yu out if yu keep it to yourself.


look...don't try to predict what your friends will say...as much as we like to think we know pretty much about everything about our friends...sometimes we can be surprised...as i'm sure they would be surprised to know that your bi...take the risk...if you're friends are as close as you say...they should be able to understand...my friends made jokes about gay people all the time...and they still made jokes even after i told them...i don't get offended...it's good to have a laugh once in a while...and well if they're mean jokes...i'm sure they'll stop if they knew you were bi...anywho...again...it's best to take small steps...like you said...you don't wanna lose you friendship with this guy...so i still stand by my 1st suggestion...


Tried to do the same with my best friend. I think he's bisexual like me, but doesn't want to admit it. Like you're friend, sometimes he acts gay. He's had anal sex with me quite a few times in the past, but said it was either because he was lonely or confused. I really don't know what to say, except tell him, and see where it leads. But don't be all sad by a refusal to love you back. My friend didn't. We are still good friends, even though he knows how I feel about him, and that I'm bisexual.


im sorry that our suggestions are causing stress. this is a difficult situation to deal with.


good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't wait too long, life is short ,you know.....................




Rafael like others have said just try and be yourself ask in a way what he thinks about gay people or even Bi and try not to show your feelings untill you know the time is right..


I wish yu all the best of luck. Don't forget to accept my friend request rafael.

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