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Homophobia in School's - Gay Guys! <3

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My Country (Ireland) today Launched a Homophobic Drive against bullying in School's. I think it's real Cool, as in some Rural Area's being gay is a no no, But in the wider area's of Ireland being Gay, "Young or Not" is very Acceptable. I just wondered does any other Country take a Stance against Homophobia in their school's ?


oh wow thats gd to hear, lets hope it lasts and gets to everyone else


Yes here in the states they are doing the same thing in schools now...


oh yay for you guys too :P


slowly improven


well in some state of the good ole usa doese not have any thing for it but here in the state of oregon, it is against the law for schools to allow it to happen on the school property. there is alot of pflag groups in oregon that is against homophobia and bullying in our school.


Bullying is a problem for EVERYBODY ! Farm mothers and Farm fathers all know of a gay uncle or two... You should be MORE aware of your sexuality, not LESS in rural areas where there are bulls and cows, Cocks and Chickens, Rams and lambs, gay animals in the barnyard et cetera.

To answer your question, YES people are More Aware of Homophobia and violence and it is being dealt with faster because there are more OUT Gays and some tend to do well financially and can back up there opinions with Mayors, Schools etc.


right you are Jerry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




iam glad to here somthing is being done in you area good to no this is beinf taken care of else where i live in ct usa and Homophobia has been on nthe book as a law for 6 years now makeing it a hate crime we al so have cyberbulling on our books now to i hope this will be a start to get it elsewheres we need to start pushing our federal gov to making these laws