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Been away for a while but it's been all good! Except for the fact T and I had colonoscopies in the same week, we've enjoyed the quiet beauty around us with a female fox visiting and seeing her two kits, plenty of pregnant doe' and a few jackrabbits stopping by to nibble at goodies in the compost pile and enjoying the tall sweet grasses.....ahhhhh a two week break from so much drama.

I will be leaving for Scotts Valley next Mon. to see my last niece graduate from high school. I want to take T to San Francisco and Monterey. Please pray she will be feeling well enough and want to go out at least once while we're down visiting. We need to enjoy ourselves and go out while we can.

Love you


Glad your doing good Debbie, I hope T feels up to the rest of your trip too, sounds like you've been having a good break.


"We need to enjoy ourselves and go out while we can."
Truer words were never spoken.
God created a most beautiful are wonderful world for us.
Since I live in the deep city, I can tell that not seeing the stars in the Heavens or the smell and sounds of nature hurts the human heart and souls more then we can possibly imagine or know.
It may be why there is so much more crime in cities then out in the country.


Dear Friend,

I just signed a letter to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, demanding that he condemn the recent violence against LGBT activists in Moscow.
On Saturday, May 28, The Mayor of Moscow did the unthinkable: After peaceful Pride marchers were viciously attacked by a gang of neo-Nazis and right wing extremists, he stood by as the police arrested the dozens of peaceful participants.

For 6 years, LGBT Russians have fought the mayors of Moscow for the simple right to live and love freely, out of the shadows. Now they have asked for our help to make sure this does not happen again. But our window is closing - the international media will likely stop paying attention if we don’t act now and keep the pressure on.

Will you take just one minute to sign this petition to President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia, urging him to condemn the violence and compel the Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin to make Moscow Pride legal once and for all?



Hello Deb have funyou both need it...


Deb may God Bless you and yours including your niece and your ventures... in all the right directions... Amen... David that is Good Looking Out... May God continued to strengthen us all to do his will.... Amen...


Hope you all have a great time. I'm looking forward to our vacation.

As y'all pretty much know, I celebrated my 31st birthday ..AGAIN.. and James had 4 days off. I enjoyed this birthday, and believe me as you have more, they come faster... seems like only yesterday I was 40, and here I am 62.

I haven't eaten as much as I did over this past weekend. God am I regretting the food, as good as it was. Time together is the most important thing there is. Even if you never say a word to each other, which happens quite often around here, at least there is a hand to hold and someone you love next to you.

On our trip to Europe last year, It was awesome just to be with him and share things we have never seen. That is what love is all about. Sex is great, but it never takes the place of a person you love and who loves you, being at your side.

We are no different that those who would deny us the privilege to marry and share the joys of love and life. God have mercy on their souls.... if they really have one.

Sorry, didn't mean to get so carried away. Just wanted to share.


Hi everyone! It is always with a joyful heart that I come here but with a heavy heart that I part with. So many of us are suffering throughout the world. I don't have the quick fix answers to anyone's trouble, but I do know one thing. In God, nothing is by accident. He is involved in every single detail of our lives. So to everyone, all I can say is, read His Words, pray to Him, praise Him in good times and bad and He shall reveal His purpose to us in His perfect timing. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. Although sometimes it is not so obvious to the eyes. There's a season for everything. Keep the faith, hang in there, and you shall the see the light, coz He is the Light of the World. Walk in His will, and you shall have a quiet faith in you that everything will be alright, no matter what trouble you are in. Hope my two cents in the bucket helps. God bless you all! =)


Such great words come from such a nice person..Thank you for them..


I love our discussions and how we give our heart honestly to everyone here.
May this goes on forever and may God's blessing and Spirit be working here forevermore! Amen!

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