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The Real Me

Slowly beaten
Breaking down
Sreaming for help
Why can't anyone hear my crys?

Can't you hear me?
I scream your name over and over again.
Can't you see me for me being me?
Or do I have to act like everyone else?

Love me for me please
Oh baby
Hold me for you love me
I'm yours

Your bright blues eyes see right through me
Your fight for the right reasons...
Me and you are the same
Our life is the same

You understand me the best
I care about you
You mean everything too me
Let me touch
Let me love you
For I am yours til I can't breath

Bring me in your arms
Run your hand through my red hair
For I am in love with you...

You saved me
When no one else was trying to
You made me hope and believe again
You made me see... the real me.


another nice poem



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