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(Girl Part)

How can this happen?
This need
That just won't go away

It haunts me...
Taints me...
Cosumes me...
This burning feeling
That never goes away.

The way you touch me
Sets my skin on fire
The way you kiss me
I can't breath
The way you run your hand through my hair
Sends shivers down my spine.

I can't fight this no more
This need for you
Your touch
Burns into my skin

Please don't stop
Make me yours forever
Fix this lust
This sin that is in me...
That is burning inside me
(Guy Part)
I wana love love love love love you baby
I wanna make u mine mine mine mine mine forever
don't know why you can't see
me so much in love, love with you baby

Everyday that you talk to me
I feel like the day's gonna be great today
But when you don't show up
I feel like nothing's right
So don't leave
Don't worry
I'll always be by your side
just wanna fly
Your my world
and my life
(Girl part)
Just won't go away
When you touch me
It burns deeper in me
Don't ever leave me
For i will forever love you
and this burning feeling
that grows in meYou make me feel so real.
So true.
You make me want to stnad up
And be me, and not someone else.
You mean so much to me
That this burning feeling seems to get worst with you around.
Hold me baby
Don't let me go
Stay by my side
Make this burning feeling
Go away.
Make me yours
For i love you
(Guy Part)
Me coming to get you
Feel as i hold you
Feel as i kiss you
Feel as i hug you
Let me Touch you
and let me be with you

This burning feeling is nothing but the love for me in you
Don't worry girl cause,
I won't ever ever ever leave you

(Girl Part)
Hold me like you mean.
Love me the way
You love everything
Make me everything in your world.
Let me see
how much you love me
This burning feeling


very nice

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