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~ A Silent : Echoed Love ~ - Poetry Group

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~ A Silent Love ~

~ I have travelled the seas and the skys, ~
~ I have flown higher than the mountains, ~
~ I have seen man and woman wear disguise, ~
~ So far I have been, so much I have seen, ~
~ A silent love showered by enigmatic fountains. ~

Everybody tells me its wrong,
So why does it feel so god damn right!
Who are they to decide in whose arms we belong,
When our hearts beat in sync when in eachothers sight.

When true love, wears a fingerless glove.
Visions are clear, fates work is near.
Am I thinking fairytails, is love a boat that never sails?
All this doubting, a silent love is sprouting.

A fragile flower grows in the eyeline of a stampede,
Protected by a man knighted as Sir Care,
This is not just another good deed,
This means more than honey to a bear.

The stampede closes in, but they do not see sin.
From a distance things seemed clear,
Once within touching distance it was crystal.
Sir Care and the sprouting flower no longer need fear,
The echo of love spread as if blown from a whistle.

(The sprouting flower begins to bloom and speaks out to Sir Care)

~ I have not travelled the seas and the skys, ~
~ I havn't flown higher than the mountains, ~
~ I havn't seen man nor woman wear disguse, ~
~ So far I havn't been, so much I havn't seen, ~
~ An echoed love showered by glorious fountains. ~

~ The Echo of Love ~


Wow Steven- so wonderfully described and felt. I was part of that poem!
Thank you so much for sharing this.


Hehe, thank you for your feedback Jeanie! :3

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