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What Does The Future Hold For Us??? - Gay Guys! <3

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well another sharing experience...we shared our virtues & flaws...so let's share what we would like our future to be...it's good to have dreams...so long as they can become a reality...so let's share dreams then...

well i love pasadena...some of my friends don't find it all that special..but to me it is...i love the city of roses...because it's my home...& roses are my fave flowers...i want to be able to own the house i used to live in as a child...and also have a house in mexico near my mom's house...

taking care of my baby sis has taught me a lot about having kids...she's like my 1st child...and as i'm learning a bit now...i realize i want kids...@ least 2...a boy & girl...i have my son's name completely thought out...& i only have a1st name for my daughter...ok...well my son's name is gonna be Diego Alejandro...and well my daughter will be Kyara...still havent' thought a middle name for her...so i'm open to suggestions...yes i've been giving this some thought...lol...i apparently have plenty of time to think & dream...i would like to get a surrogate mom & have a child of my own...but if i can't...i don't mind adopting...so long as i have my kids...it's all good for me...

well as for my husband...i'm pretty open...sure i would like to meet someone of the same ethnicity...so we don't have a language or religion barrier...but again i'm open to anything...but when the kids are old enough...they could pick w/e religion they want...and well i'm hoping either my husband will know spanish or learn it...because my kids are going to know spanish...& i'm not gonna be translating what my kids say all the time...so it's either learn spanish or deal with not knowing spanish...lol...and of course spanish being my primary language...i like to speak it a lot more than english...though don't really have that many friends to speak spanish to...anywho...gettin off topic...

my career...well a lot of people tell me that being an artist or craftsman is a lot of work...you have to invest a lot of money & obviously have to have real skills...& it's not a steady type of job...well i'm sticking to that...& am willing to take that risk...i've always thought of myself as a creative person...the thought of creating something & bringing it to life with your own 2 hands...it's an awesome feeling...so i'm determined to do it...

and when i finally grow old & die...i want to be cremated & want my ashes to be scattered...i was a free spirit when i was alive...& i wish to remain a free spirit when i die...

and well yep that is my future dream...
now i wait to see it come true...
so what do you want your future to look like???


Jony, your dreams nod aspirations are wonderful. I have one problem, you seem like a typical American but then I Would think that as an American you would want English as your primary language and especially your children to speak English so they are accepted as an American and use your native language only at home


my dream is to visit all the Gay Resorts in the US. Visit London, all da greatness d world has to offer. But first I need to find meself a freakin job. gurrr


love the dreams and aspirations, very understandable and attainable. i hope you are able to successfully carve that future out for you.

for me, i wouldn't mind at least being able to find some stability in a relationship, find someone i can hold onto and get along with consistently and maybe start from there, i have very few restrictions: i'm not that picky when it comes to people, as long as they are someone i can deal with and that they are able to keep up with the kind of high-paced lifestyle i keep, i'm always moving.

for a career, i'm into psychology BIG TIME. hope to either open an office or work in research or such. and on the side, i'd probably be a novelist and a bit of a poet. i'm a lover of literature and such will keep me going.

as for where, that depends. i don't mind being in busy areas, as they are good for jobs, but i like places where i can rest in the comfort of a place of my own, whether it be an house or an apartment, as long as i have my space, but i don't mind sharing that space with a special someone.

but the future might not be exactly like this, and i guess that's okay. i can adapt, i can be versatile. whatever the future holds, i'll face it. i just don't hope i have to face it by myself, that's my biggest aspiration.


@ Wayne...well i'm not american...i'm a mexican living in America...there lies the difference...& well my kids will speak english as well...but it's important that they too become bilingual...or if i end up marrying a guy who knows another language or languages... they'll be multi-lingual...the more the merrier...when i was at the park with my baby girl...this nanny lady said that the girl she was takin care of knows 4 languages...& she was 18 months...& already she knew...spanish, english, mandirin, chinese...i was like omg...but anywho...my kids will have the freedom to speak w/e language they want...it's not like i'm gonna be enforcing them to speak spanish all the time...lol...besides my sis was never introduced to english...but thanks to sesame street & other english cartoons...she's been learning english on her own...now we teach her a little bit of english...but we try to keep it mainly spanish...@ Keandre...that sounds really nice...well hopefully things go the way we would like them too...but if they don't....i too can adapt...but wouldn't it be great if it turned out the way we planned???...


@jony, i hope so, for all of us. it would be nice if the future could be what we want it to be for once in all our lives...haha


A child 18 month's old, and know's 4 languages, my nephew is 18 month's and is only learning 2 speak. I am not being offensive 2 u Jony, but that's a hard pill 2 swallow


Heads up high. New technology is on the cusp. And unlike before, it will be usert friendly enough to create jobs and demand. What we know today, about nanotechnology, neurobiology, space and the whole bio-genome arena is light years ahead of when your parents were born. Find the niche you like and hold on.


oh believe me richard...i thought so too...until the nanny asked her to say hello in all the different languages...sure enough she spoke the four...i was like omg...


@Jony, well that's brillant, great 2 hear that. XD


I would love to get to University and be a writer. I'd like to be a poet but I don't know if I will ever be good enough, but I could be a journalist or something.

I'd like to settle down with a guy older than me somewhere in the country, and I would love to be accepted for who I am and for who I want to spend my life with.

However I learned years ago that it is not dreams but nightmares that come true.


@dean, that sounds nice, to be a writer on your own, with someone who's perfect for you. a thing i've learned years ago are that the dreams/nightmares we have when we sleep are never what we expect in real life. our mind blows things out of proportion, whether good or bad, and sometimes they can turn to our advantage. i hope that's true for you



@ Dean follow your heart, The so called experts on here only represent their views.So write yourn heartb out as I like what you say. If you ever want to movbe to Mass USA, I would have room and board for you. And no sex is not a reqirement.