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'To die a bleeding death' - Poetry Group

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My chest is heavy
and my heart hurts..

Im bleeding inside
and so i cry..

I say your name
a million times..

Thinking that if i
say your name enough..

I might stuff thus cut
That drains me..

But like shattered glass
tht bleeds, you completed me..

But now we'll never know
what our love coulda been..

And ill never be whole again
because thats the price ill pay..

For letting our love die that day..


aww very heart wrenching :'(


Yes - I have been down the self-pity row too many times myself. I am doing better now and you will too Samatha. You just have to know it was not meant to be because if it was you would still be there - right!! Letting go is the hardest selfless act we all have to perform in our lives with so many things. To me its like an addiction you have to get over right now and damn it hurts like hell. You go through all the emotions known to mankind until finally your exhausted and you say " Let it Be" and finally move on.
Here is a poem that lets some of what I am trying to say and I wanted to share it with you.
"To Have or Have Not
(to possess and never forget)

What to posses?
And never to forget!

We are creatures with needs:
To have love,
In the palm of our hand,
To let it go,
You Must;
If you can,
For it to be True.....
In the end.

Love will come back
To sit in the nest,
Thrown to savage openings,
Of a world that never rests.

Obsessive with pain,
Until we have learned,
Letting sorrow in,
Greeting us like a friend,
Who entertains us,
With Great stories,
Till exhaustion,
Catches the sandman,
And bloodshot eyes ,
Tells us this must end.

Life is a menagerie,
People claim to see you,
But life is so delicate
And fragile;
Which is part of who we are.

BON VOYAGE . . . .
So many
Circles of life,
bubbling over,
Watching the past,
Floating away,
Never to Posses. . . . .

But never to forget !

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