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mind mentality break down{{just randomoasity}lol read cautiously - Poetry Group

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at first i cared too much to see

that love i felt just made me weak

cant sleep wont eat

too many thoughts to carry

so i just think & think

overreactions from the satisfactions from him & her actions


got damn im in a stick up

wit my hands up

i say FUCK dammit i give up

but i wont give in so fuck it you win

ive been mind fucked over & over agin

brainwashed from the very begining

so dumb to be a fool wit it

but yet so crazy to be his to her lady

3 babies -minus 2 withdrew

but got dammit im thru wit it



got dammit im sorry

buit im pressedto move on

ive tried what ive done tried

i fought what i could fight

these feelins that i have inside

is what i try to fuckin hide

ive cried what ive done cried

ive shed so many tears of a brokenhearted girl

no time to hide the pain

but i keep tryna refrain from what i keep myself from tryna do

im not helpless im not lost cuz theres no me & theres no you

7 what it used to be is dead

look hunny im just so tired of being sick & tired

but watch me as i rain

my thunder is my lighting that will strikes you out

right throu your uretha tube

put you inreverse then just blow it out anal tube

leave poison ivy on ya penis

leave amthrax on ya tampack

like my niagga eminem

then feed your your balls as if the were sweet brown m&m's

ill deep fry ya tata's while im sayin haha

leave ya ass tourted & laugh while sayin goodbye

fuck you her & him & them

but imma leave this as a ending end

credits like a script from a movie

got damn quite an actress


now my readers prolly wonder got damn bitch your crazy

naw im not craz......

this has been a crazy day from my fucked up mind mentality

that has me wondereing cause mythoughts took control of me from overrethinkin

of t he unthought of llab...smh

i was talkin about a few different people in this yes im fuqn serious but this what stress cansometimes lead to with a fucked up mind mentality to have you thinking crazy thoughts im quite sure we all have those moments as wellas those thoughts of what you wanted to do but could & wont dare to do so you just keep ya mouth shut & ya thoughts sealed cause your much better than gettin to close to where you can feel yourself doin somethin as stipud as just random thoughst after somebody has fucked you over wayy to many times.......THX FOR READING PROVIDE FEED BACK!


well your are really pissed off here that is for sure! LOL
I think we have all felt those bad thoughts when we have been hurt and have felt used because we put our emotions and wore them on our sleeve. I have done it many a time and then I have gotten screwed over but you know Felicity we still cannot stop loving but just need to be more cautious maybe and look for the signs of being used. It's hard not to get emotionally attached. I don't really anymore and then when I act concerned about what I see people think I'm meddling so sometimes it is better not to say anything and try not let our emotions rule our lives. But we are emotional human beings so we live and learn as we go and try to maybe use our logical side more as we get older and hopefully not get hurt so much down the road in the future.

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