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love{+}me{x}fear of commitment
{=}unsolved mysteries of

l{LOVE+ME}........im love friendly
but when it comes to me
love isnt so friendly to me
ive shed many fists full of tears
of a saddened broken hearts
throughout my years...
you wouldve thoght that thoughout it all
i waould have said
but i feel in my heart
love {IS} within me
just to love another humna being
who loves me back
with the satisfyingment
of a rage of passion
{but thats just a dream}

{-TRUST}...I trust no one
but i trust
so when it comes to someone saying
{I LOVE YOU} to me
i just look at them in the face
as if they were speakin in a crazy language
cause i can feel when
they are are lying to me
i can read their lips all day long
but when actuality all im really reading is...
theyre eyes, body language, & facial expressions
& what the combonations reveal to prolong
but thats just life in general
& my trust of others love been long gone
from waaay before my
"painful song"
[another poem]

{xfear of commitment}...im committed to my children & i
so my fears of committment
settles in from trust
i feel i cant {TRUST}npoothing or no one
beacuse of the diferent loves ive seen n been through
that has me brainwashed me
& NONE of them were the same
love from back in the day
isnt the same anymore
so it makes it so hard for me to NOT
settle for nothing less than the best
so ill just leave it in god's hands
to send me love& trust agin

I guess this is just an
from some of my life & some of my life
because i suffer from
an unsolved mystery of


true can feel like a dream but it can also become a reality if we find the right person and knowing when we do find the right person so we don't push them away by hurting them. Any memories we have of love, even though it may have hurt, it is a memory of being loved even if it was a short time...
I wrote a poem about how we want to possess and even though we want to keep something that we cannot have(out of our own selfishness) we don't forget because it did give us a good memory even though it left us broken hearted. Here is its..

"To Have or Have Not'

What to posses?
And never to forget!

We are creatures with needs:
To have love,
In the palm of our hand,
To let it go,
You Must;
If you can,
For it to be True.....
In the end.

Birds will come back
To sit in the nest,
Thrown to savage openings,
Of a world that never rests.

Obsessive with pain,
Until we have learned,
Letting sorrow in,
Greeting us like a friend,
Who entertains us,
With Great stories,
Till exhaustion,
Catches the sandman,
And bloodshot eyes ,
Tells us this must end.

Life is a menagerie,
People claim to see you,
So delicate and fragile;
Which is part of who we are.
With circles of life,
bubbling over,
Watching the past,
Floating away,
Never to Posses,
But never to forget !


damn that shit is fire n i love it but thats so true love so true...

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