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What turn you OFF? - Gay Guys! <3

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Hello everyone, I know everyone has their own preferences, so it is rather hard to list everything out. Anyway, I would like to know the things that you guys dislike in a person? Anything... attitude to look to the style or whatever ((:


turn offs? quite a few...
-no sense of humour/doesn't know when (not) to joke
-overly cocky (not the good kind)
-never serious
-appearance OCD
yeah, that's all i can think of...i'm pretty much alright with anyone


I'm pretty easy going about most stuff but I find that when i'm with someone in bed and they want to be a director - you know, "do this, do that, oh, you like that don't you?, blah, blah, blah..." it REALLY just turns me off. All I can think is, "Oh, wow, you've watched WAY too much porn."


Camp, Queens, WImps, men who ask all the time "Can I suck you?" "Will you suck me?", "Can I fuck you?". That really turns me off. If you want it go for it. I prefer dominant bossy men men


Small dicks, bottoms that just lay there, and lack of imagination.


Lying, Fibs, Dishonesty, Cheating


LOL jay you hit the nail on the head...and not the good head either..that was my EX....the other thing pisses me off is if you have to do some kind of drug to get off,,,,,sex gets me off and makes me high when done right....LOL


Don't like guys who are drunk and/or high


turn offs: drunk, drugged out, guys with long hair, guys with piss poor attitudes and guys who wears thier pants below the butt cracks


The smell and taste washed away from your partner's ass


Here's my list (it may be long)

Drugies, guys who drink all of the time (occasionally is ok), bald headed guys, guys who have egos, douchebags, bi-sexual guys who play with me AND a girl, dudes who talk about themselves all the flippin' time, guys who think they are "gangsta", guys who use me and then never call again, guys who want it in public... there's my turn offs ~Alli


@allister, i can so understand the bi guys thing, happened to me and pissed me off beyond belief


I think most of the turn-offs have been said already. To me it is a guy not wanting to meet you because they have made up their mind they do not like you. And they have never seen you or met you. I understand that there is really two types of friendship. One is that you have similar views and you just talk and maybe have a coffee together, Just as a friend. Then there is the guy you really care about. To me you do not ask what you and what he likes.likes. To me the best policy is to talk, know him and if he wants to do more I am sure you will see the signs. If there is no encouragement then you know that you are not on the same wave lenght and reaspect him as just a friend.
I like sex with a guy but not if they really do not want it. That is taking advantage of the situation.
I personally like younger guys, but I respect theit values as well as mine. Sex with no feeling is a waste of time and can cause a friend to become not a friend.


things that are turn offs
-guys who only want sex
-guys who only like looks and not personality
-guys who are drug users or alcoholics(been there done that moved on)
-guys who meet you then try to get into your pants
-when they check out other people and give them their numbers in-front of me
-they pee all over the toilet
-show no respect to me or my family
-when they lie about where they where and with who
-dont text you at all or pick up calls
-are embarrassed to be seen with me
-ask for threesomes or orgies
-guys who arent romantic(sorry if i dont think burger king is romantic)
-guys who judge before they actually get to know you
-they think that they're the shit
-try to control me and what i do and with who
-the jealous type


massively queeny people
the kind of person who buys too far into drama

i don't have a lot of turn offs, but i am kind of vain. i'm not into chubs even though i am a chubby guy myself. -.- but otherwise i'm a respectful person.


P eople who
L ie
A nd make
Y ou feel like you are in an
E xtremely important
R elationship but... all they really want is a
S hort term hook up

if you can't read between the lines.. then you'll never know what REALLY turns me off .


Narrow minds,not listening just engaging mouth before brain.Vanity,guys who dont stand up to me,Guys who cant laugh at themselves.Unpunctuality......am time obsessive.Guys who have all the answers but have never picked up a book.Drama queens.Bullshitters.Most importantly bad manners,talking while eating and talking on the phone while eating,please,thankyou etc.
I think that is it.


- Being a serial killer. I mean, even if they're one of the smart and charming ones (who are actually not particularly representative of serial killers but there you go) - this would kind of be a deal-breaker for me. Serial killers need not apply.

- Without wishing to open this can of worms again, older men. I find it extremely creepy.

- Being humourless. Especially with regard to political or ethical attitudes.

- Exceptionally bad manners (I'm actually willing to tolerate a fair bit here, but only so much).


@ Keandre Aw I know. Players can suck sometimes. I think Bi- boys get a bad name cause most are players. That's why now I go towards guys waaay more. Also your name is cool lol. Sorry random.


WOW thanks everyone for all the opinions! Well to be honest I hate 95% of the people that mentioned by you guys. Most importantly, I hate guys who send flirtatious messages to random guys and never replied your message after that....

kinda shitty and weird...

most importantly, no CHEATERS!


People who don't treat me with respect and don't value my self-worth are people who are not worthy of MY time.

-Afraid of being themselves and therefore try to make you feel bad to make them feel better

-Not owning up for their actions.

-Only thinking about themselves.

-Not knowing how to love someone, not fucking, loving.

-People who keep you in the dark for their own pleasure.

I am probably, most likely, regurgitating everything everybody said, but these things can't be said enough.


we believe what you believe vincent. my partner and i had lived with some one who resmbled every thing that you had wrote and now we are glad to be away from him. to this day we can not believe every thing this guy had told us. every thing he had said to us was a big fat lie


My biggest turn off, is when some guy writes me an email and the only thing he wants to know in his first email to me is my sexual preference. Really, the only thing that you want to know about me is my preference. Not my interests? Not my hobbies? Not what state I live in? Not if I am even interested in him?


there are some genuine gay guys out there,who are not just interested in sexual preference,etc,not many i grant you,but hopefully there are still those guys out there.


i know what you mean chris, other dating sites i've been to the first thing i get is "wanna suck my ----?" ... um... no, i'd like to get to KNOW a person to have a relationship with. not just some fling. if all people can see me for is my lips, then screw that.

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