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We wanna be slim, good-looking and healthy
We wanna be perfect in so many ways
We're just making money to stay pleased and wealthy
It happens to us within endless days
OK, we're now so handsome and pretty
Besides, we're sure to be very rich
And one thing is missing, of course it's a pity
It's all because fate is such vicious bitch
The more we possess, the more we desire
We nothing can do to stop and resist
The needs get us burnt like furious fire
But it doesn't matter, we still can persist


It's part of the greed within us that persists. Now that I am older I do not long to be so successful as I want to be happy and not stressed. I look at things like objects and only desire what will full fill my needs not my passions.
I feel pity is never missed and we sign our own fate by our own choices.
But your last statement is so true we still persist because it is part of human nature to have wants and needs. I enjoyed your poem because it was honest.
I was just telling you where I am at in my life at this time.

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