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Coming out stories... - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi, I an asian. I was raised in a very traditional asian family and my parents think that being gay is a sin but somehow as I reached puberty i seem to be attracted to guys. I have a friend who's gay too but we're just friends with benefits. Can anyone of you share your coming out stories and possibly your first experience?




I found that I was into guys when I was 14 or 15.

As for what your parents say, it's not a sin to be gay. It's a sin to not love your son or daughter or family member for who they are. They need to love you for who you are, not how you "should" be. And if they don't change their attitude, too bad for them.

As for tradition, I don't believe in traditional values anymore. It's old and there are new couples coming out all the time (gay couples, lesbian couples)


thanks trevor. Mind sharing your stories...?


Not really stories I have but I'll tell you to whom I came out.

I first came out to my friends when I started 8th grade (I think 8th grade) and they were accepting right away. I came out again a few years later, forgetting that I came out to them once. -^_^-

Then I told my brother I was gay, he was very okay with it. Then my sister, she was alright with it. Before I moved out of my mom's and went to go live with my dad....well she found out when her bf told her a "site" that I was on. -_- She knows that I'm gay and she's STILL trying to accept me. I don't know how long it takes but it's been a few years, I figure that might be enough time maybe. Though I really don't care what she or the family says, I don't care. I'm Christian and I don't believe in that gibberish that I'm going to hell for being gay (switching religions at some point) My dad knows that I'm gay. He was calm about it. And a couple of my cousins know too.

Anything else you'd like to ask? -^_^- Lol


i have been gay all my life..........i don 't remember i ever did come out.............i was judt gay......everybody in my family did know, i guess.

there never have been any troubles or problems about it.



i f God really exists( i personally doubt that, i am an atheist)'........... read the bible, he made us like to be as himself( i hope my english is good enough to ex-plain what i mean?

so he made hetero's,gay
s ,lesbiansvand bi's and HE is ok with it , don't HE?

He is almighty, and full of love, so...................if he didn't agree, HE would thake care of it ,so if it is a sin..............................it is impossible in HIS eyes.

i think , again as an atheist, but i have read the bible carefully

hugs to you all and take care,



I am Asian too, and my parents is very conservative.

I found that I am gay when I was 18, but I try to live as a straight guy because of our culture.

The same case with Teo Yang, my parents never accept anything different, being gay is consider as a sin or monster or sickness, they will never open their mind, and never think that I was born as a gay, I don't have choice, so I am hiding myself from all people around, my family, friends, relatives, neighbour. I don't know when I can be myself.

In any conversation my father don't respect me and my sibling, and sometime insult us in the crowd, he always think that he is right, that we made him sad, he never think that he made us sad. so now I scare to tell him anything.

I am currently fall in love with a French guy and we will meet up again in Thailand this month, we try to find a way to live together and if I can leave my country, I am completely independent and free. no one know about our relationship, no one should know.

Trevor's story is really nice, I wish my parent will understand me like yours.


:-) I hope you and your guy can work something out. As for your father, he can go eff himself. That's NOT how a father treats his own children, I don't care what he says.

Something needs to be done in Asia on the subject. I came across something not too long ago, a mother of a gay teen or something, actually praised her son and accepted him. And the mother was from somewhere in Asia.


I realised I was gay when I was 12. I have NOT come out to anybody yet. I saw guys at my school who were out get dissed all day. sometimes even by the teachers.

Maybe when I leave school in July I might come out. I know my mum will go ape cos she is always going on about grandchildren and carrying on the family name. My dad died when I was 10


Your mom can still have grandchildren, they just won't be yours per-say. But you can adopt. So it can't be THAT end of the world for your mom. :-/


I look Asian. My mother is Asian, and my father is European. I grew up in Egypt where in Islam it is said that being gay is huge sin.

I knew I was gay since the 4th grade. It was guys who gave me these tingling feelings of pleasure when we used to tackle, run around and I could smell their sweat. For girls... this never happened.

It wasn't until the 6th grade, or so, that I actually realized what gay/straight meant and the amount of discriimination that occured to gay people.

In terms of the internet-world, I always already out. Plenty of people knew that I was gay in online communitiies. In reality, only two did. In 10th grade I had came out to a good fried of mine, who was Mexican, and it brought us a lot clcoser. In the 11th grade, I came out to my now, soulmate friend, and it also brought us a lot closer.

I was half-way through 11th grade when I came out. I had worried for weeks that I would be exposed to a huge amount of discrimination. I firsted said to my intermediate group of friends that I was gay. They didn't do anything other than say, "okay." I guess they needed time to digest it. During a Theory of Knowledge class, we had a heated discussion about discrimination and somewhere in it I came out to the entire class. The teacher was shocked, all the students were shocked, then the bell rang and I went home.

The next day, people I didn't even knew where walking up to me and they were asking if I was gay. I say, "Yes," and they said, "Cool." If anything, the people in my school became friendly to me in a sense.

They were open-minded and knew that being gay was not what defined me. I also learnt that being gay doesn't mean that every attribute of yourself is overshadowed. It isn't. The individual just makes 'being gay' a greater deal than their own apperance, hobbies, interest, and everything else.

If people know you, they won't care if you're gay.


:-) That's really awesome Tanguy.


In my case I grew in an a catholic family and went to Catholic grammer and High School. The HS was an all boys HS and at the time I was not out nor really aware I was gay tho I knew I was attracted to other boys and not girls. I did try having a relationship with a girl. When I was in my late 20's a nun who did not know I was gay tried to fic me up with a single woman who was bear my age. I well remember one evening sitting in my car on a side street on a warm evening. I was hold her and hissing her TRYING to feel some attraction. I glanced up to see a couple (guy and girl) walk by the car and found myself staring at his ass! That proved what I felt. That girl was very nice but was heartbroken when i told her. She wondered if SHE was inadequate. I tried to tell her over and over I was gay and it was not her fault.. Well she never married! She has carried a torch for me for many years and whenever I do call her to see how she is she STILL asks if I am gay. I live my life as I am, If someone doesn't like it then it is their problem.
Hope this history of my life helps....


I knew I was gay far back as 14, when I entered the 7th Grade.The first people I came out to were my family, my cousin and her mom. They totally understood
me. Both my parents are dead, so I don't think they ever knew I was gay. The
one person I had a problem with was my best friend. I thought he'd want me to be happy, and therefore would understand that I was gay. Instead, he was like
he was like a total homphobic dick about it. I guess what I'm trying to say here, is don't let anyone, even your family try to make you something you're not. You're too good a person to let that happen to you.

My first experience came when i was seventeen, and got shafted (LOL) by a
fifteen year old hot jock friend of mine. His cock was so big it hurt, but the experience was great, especially his hot cum in my asshole. xoxoxo


when i first watched "THE LITTLE MERMAID"
(that's an iconic disney cartoon movie for those who weren't born yet)...i knew something was off.... because i was so drawn to PRINCE ERIC (and his button down shirt)

and not ARIEL (and her sea shell bra)

and all these feelings from a CARTOON???!!!!
can you imagine how i felt when i first layed my eyes on TOM CRUISE in that little movie called "cocktail"...oh dear lord....where do i begin....???!!!!


well i seem to have noticed since i was 10...though i lived in denial because of my parents pretty much for 5 yrs...then i went to a spirtual retreat...and was touched by the experience...and started thinking well we're all not perfect...& we are all still human beings...my love isn't so different from heterosexual love...it's just that i'm attracted to guys that's different...and i have fallen in love once with a guy...so there's nothing wrong with me at all...& i'm comfortable enough with my God to believe that He loves me no matter what...so i finally decided to come out to my best friends first...then i came out to my family...everyone pretty much knew already...my parents were in denial...but my siblings knew...they just wanted me to say it so they could be sure...& well my mom took it kinda hard at first...because she's a bit traumatized with an experience that her gay uncle went through with the family...my dad was ok...he just doesn't wanna know anything about my personal life...good thing i'm closer to my mom anyways...lol...but 2 weeks later after coming out...my mom started asking the obvious questions...was there anyone that had touched me???...who converted me into being gay???...etc...she didn't understand and was afraid of what the future had in store for me as a gay person...but slowly on her own...after a whole year...i finally heard her tell my aunt that she understands that gay people are born gay...& in that moment i thanked God that she finally got the point...and i finally felt accepted...so everyone is ok with it...my mom just doesn't want me to be openly gay to everyone because not everyone is so open minded...but i have nothing to hide...people can love me or hate me for who i am...but in the end nothing gives me more satisfaction than just being true self...i'm finally free from the chains that i had placed on myself...


Wonderful coming out story Jony, I dont know where you are in your spiritual journey but know that God loves you. Remember he doesn't make mistakes. We are who and what we are for a reason that is in his divine plan. Call God what you want. He is Spirit and when we die we too become spirit. I have many theories about all this but this is not the place to state them. I well respect we have athiests and agnostics on here. All are good people. I just believe in a loving God who made us who and what we are. And I have disarmed many right wing homophobes when I suggest that as God does not make mistakes he may have made us gay as a way to control population. I have watched funsmantalists twist in the wind when I say that and most can't come back with any plausable response.


My 'coming out' was pretty uneventful. I've never not been attracted to the same sex - I can remember liking boys for as long as I can remember being capable of sexual attraction. But I just didn't believe I was gay until I was about 17.

Y'know how people go through 'phases' when they're a teenager? (e.g. Goth, sometimes religious, communist, whatever). Well, my 'phase' was essentially Nazi/Hitlerist - so viewing my sexuality as a transitory defect I could relegate to insignificance with willpower kind of fit in to my teenage worldview (at the time I would have probably referred to this as morality/chastity or something). Pretty much everyone in my school used homophobic language and professed hating gay people, but in retrospect I don't think there was much sincerity in it - had I been ready to 'come out' earlier, I think I would've been largely accepted.

After about 16, you'll be thankful to hear, I started thinking differently, but still just expected it to go away. At 17, I figured I was bored waiting so would just work on the assumption I was gay. As yet, nothing has challenged it. I first told a best friend, then a casual acquaintance at sixth form, then my parents. I'm delighted and grateful to say that reactions have been universally positive (if surprised).


I first knew I was gay when I was 14 back in hgih school(secondary school known as in IReland). There was a guy undressing for PE. When I was him in his undies. I said dats it am. gay. From dat moment on I was sure I was gay.

Then came the uneventul coming out as Nick says. Mine was a bad ass to the point o nearly suicide. I was always the bubbly type.

NO am out and proud gay man. loving every moment of it.

My first sexual experience happened last year. enjoyed everymoemtn of it. wasnt painful one bit. As I only came out last year, i never knew much about da gay scene and social life etc.,

WHen ur a free out and proud your life will change as dat has happened to one of yee as well. my sure as hell changed. I have me own apt, me own social life.
Life is great. YIPEE

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