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The day we met I will never forget, a Tuesday afternoon I sat in a chair, homework was finished and no one was there. My phone began to ring singing you belong with me, I saw it was a text from him but I didn’t think a thing. We began to talk casual at first, but when he began to sweet talk me he was fulfilling my thirst. My thirst for a guy who can treat me right, not giving me false hope or always wanting to fight. One who can care and listen to what I say, plan romantic dates like taking me to a play. We continued to talk and that’s when it happened, my heart was beating faster and that’s the fact in a caption. His words soothed my mind, as our hearts intertwined. The butterflies began to flutter; my hands were sweaty like butter. A request online from a man so fine, I couldn’t say no, so I had to just take the go. We talked, I smiled, we flirted, I laughed we connected like puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together, till this day we want it forever. Friday night when the stars were high, the first night I saw him this special dream guy. Of course it was dark, but once the light flashed bright, my knees became weak, as I saw that beautiful sight. His eyes captured my heart and it began to beat, for a second I forgot that I had feet. I was floating on air felt weightless at best, I stared him down his head his body but mostly his chest. I could hear his heart beating it sounded so sweet it matched mine perfectly I wanted to leap. I walked to his car, we spoke for a bit, but when our lips touch is when the spark was lit. From that day he is on my mind, no matter the place, no matter the time. I speak about him everywhere to anyone who will listen, about his smile his smell and how his eyes glisten. We had our first date and oh was it great the best date ever he was thoughtful and clever. Upon the hill I gazed at earth feeling my heart taking rebirth. Starting anew after the hurt and pain, I started to blush but I didn’t feel shame. We talked forever or so it seemed, but then we took a walk to a place so green. We laid together his head on my chest, it was a feeling I felt was best. We walked to the car and I just had to ask, are you going to kiss me or was it only a task. When our lips met is when I felt it was right, no longer was I going to try and fight. I want him forever because we connect so well, he has me under this magic love spell. Well I think you get the story so now it’s time to end, but hopefully soon I can call him my boyfriend. One who will love me as I will love him, who will treat me right and not cheat with other men. If you haven’t figured out who the guy is that’s on my mind, he is sitting right beside me looking cute and oh so fine.




I am glad you think so.