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Bi-Sexuality, etc. - Gay Guys! <3

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"Cheating"... that depends on what sort of marriage understanding two people have. If there is an understanding between the partners that they have an "open" marriage; the concept of "cheating" is a non-starter; if their understanding is that their relationship shall be strictly monogamous, it is a matter just between them. If there seems to be "cheating" (a third sex partner), stay clear and refrain from being judgmental; human behavior is often too complicated to be described in black-and-white terms.
"Should and should-not...be doing" To put your situation mataphorically: Your moral compass is working, but you are without a rudder.
"Bi-sexuality" If a person accepts the scientific assumption that sexual orientation is a result of the genetic lotery, it is very difficult to reconcile that claim with the claim of bi-sexuality. I accept that bisexuality might exist, but I find it is far rarer than I see claimed. Look into the work of Dr. Gabor Mahey; he explains that that the frontal part of the human brain is the brain's moral and impulse-control center; it is the last part of the brain to develop; if it does not fully develop, say from the most common cause--the deprivation of parental nurturing, then it can be concluded that a result could be sex for the sake of sex, (bi-sexuality). Interviews with Dr. Mahey are listed on the "democracynow.org" web site.
--R.T. Thomes

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