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Memories with Family- poem to my brother on his birthday - Poetry Group

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Memories with Family”

When we were young,
My brothers and I would watch the orange,
In the setting sun;
Then at night,
With all the stars,
Glowing above,
We would smile
And talk about life,
Our futures,
And the events we made up,
That would change our lives.

To touch, to feel, to remember;
Looking back with memories,
That we had on those hot summer days,
Time drifted quickly,
And we were gone.

The memories that we held,
Taught us lessons,
Along the way,
Some were tough,
Some came without a notice,
Helping us to grow,
As the inches,
Were carved on door frame,
And competition,
Was part of the game.

Growing and becoming adults,
The visits were fun,
Life’s moments,
Swept back,
Like a swing,
In the setting sun,
And we would catch a sliver,
Of our lives,
Expressing some compassion,
After dinner,
On those special starred nights.

Sometimes curious,
Sometimes sad stories,
But sharing,
For that brief moment,
Joined us as one.

Those moments
Are less frequent now,
As age creeps in our bones,
With our mortality,
Taking hold,
And the distance between us,
Is a long wondering road.

We dare not even think,
But ask for the Grace of God,
To watch over each other
And be quick.
For lingering is worse
As our memory,
Sweeps up our wit,
And Laughter,
Is the best medicine,
To all that we did.

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