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Sex - Gay Guys! <3

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The thing that I do not understand is, why are people crazy for sex?

Almost everyday there is a multitude of people who post anywhere stating that they're horny and are in need of a skype conversation or visit from someone. Yes, sex is beyond, but it's not everything.

Could someone shed light as to why this occurs? And it's not just gay people, straight people also do this. It baffles me.


Tanguy, I too find this a bizarre and it baffles me, I have been in relationships where as by every other thought by my Partner has been sex sex sex, I don't know if it's down to their high sex drive or it's just apart of who they are, yeah I like sex, but not everyday.


Hi Guy's i suffer from a very high sex drive, i need sex all the time 24/7, i am like a gay Michael Douglas lol, but i do have time 4 the romantic side as well,but i cant help the sex side of it, ppl should try and understand that there's lot's of ppl like me out there and accept that we exist,


its all down to sex drive, i could have sex three times a day for weeks if im in the mood but equally i could go a month without it and not be bothered, it might be down to personality or smething but if that aspect of a guy really pushes you away then just treat it like any other thing that would turn you off of a guy, 'no biggie'


You are so right, but how do you get to the other side of people.


Emotional feelings overshadow the physical aspect of attraction. I prefer how I feel about a person over physical.