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Living for tommorrow - Poetry Group

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Just some thoughts,
Rattling around in my head.
I cant be bought.
My past has been shed.

Let a new day begin.
Life is full of strife.
Is it really you again?
The pain cuts like a knife.

Do I cause you pain?
Does the madness set u free?
Will happiness all be in vain?
When will I see?

Hidding from conflict,
You peak out from behind your shadow.
Life can not be fixed.
Hope is something you have to know.

Daring to live.
Striving for happiness.
Myself, Im willing to give.
Im full of forgivness.

Wanting fullfillment.
Needing your love.
I rohm around in bewilderment.
My love I will prove.

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love this

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thank you

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