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covers conceal soother textures
touching, tasting, feeling, caressing
as music and movement, natural symphonies
of breathing and kissing. forgetting surroundings.

eyes meet grazing contours of bodies
that comfort, excite, flow, shift synchronized
spellblind, naked entranced and hypnotized
dancing, swimming, surrounded in desire
and love that moves in euphoric verses
of pleasure and passion that bleeds calm, converses

alone and in darkness
sweat shines and sin cleans us
we speak without speech
shed your clothes and your makeup
you think that you need
leave your ghosts and your feet
with your silks and defeats
those reflections that haunt you so


I like this poem and how you express desires. My question is why "First Snow"? And the last 3 lines leave me wondering. Can you explain those last few lines?


well when you are with someone physically everything else in your head just seems to fade away. You arent thinking about how rotten your day was or anything like that, you are just consumed in the moment. I called it first snow because the first snowfall of the season covers all of the dead and barren land with a beautiful blanket. all you can see is fresh snowfall, which is kind of similar to the way being with someone you care about can turn your negativity into something beautiful. And thank you for the comment


yes I did understand the first snow part of it just wondered about the last part of it but I understand the last part now that I re-read it and how you explained the last part of it. the Haunting is the fading.

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