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I love literature, more than nipples. There's just something that baffles all of the teachers I have in school when I turn in a short story with sex in it. It's like porn, it shouldn't be shunned upon!

What are your thoughts about writting sexual scenes in poetry, literature, music and whatnothaveyou?


I know of some teachers who don't shun the erotic, I think our whole culture is screwed up about sex. It is used to manipulate and scare people never or rarely is sex portrayed for it's own sake or with real sensitivity or candor.


Personal opinion: If you're doing it for just the shock value, maybe once; after that, it begins to seem like a bit of harassment...or immaturity...or a fixation on your part.

Taking a SHIT -- let's be blunt here -- is a reality of life. But one doesn't necessarily want to read about "log-size turds swirlin' in your toilet bowl to the strains of Beethoven's Fifth..." or whatever.

Ask YOURSELF this question: what is my r-e-a-l emotional reason for doing it? Why am I not able to go beyond this subject?


It's not for the shock value, if anything. All of the stories that I right are focused on how humanity is flawed and misguided. I use sex in it, usually violent sex, to illustrate a reason as to why humanity is flawed. Paired up with that I have suicide, religious symbolism such as Judas, Easter, the Seven Deadly Sins and dark imagery describing Hell.

Though yes, I could write about happy stuff, but in all honestly, I can't. I don't view the world as being fair, good or even moderate in any sense of the world. My teachers see that, but they are, to an extent, concerned about how violent my stories are.

An essay question could ask, "Write about how trust saved someone's life." I will usually write about how trust destroyed someone's life, or the lack of trust saved someone's life.

Sex has been portrayed as being negative in the media, but people still want to view sex. How many modern movies do not have a scene involving a sexual encounter or something that is dark, and deadly? Almost nil.

I guess I could tone it down, a bit.


@TANGUY: I'd be a little personally concerned (for u) why all your perceptions of the world are dark...foreboding...violence-filled...unhappy, etc.

I'm especially surprised since u live in Asia (where I grew up: I'm 1/4 Asian), and that's not my perception of that society neither.

It's not clear how old u r, but you might want to look into yourself to see WHY it is that only sex is positive in "your world," and even then it's appears to only be violent sex.

Writing about yourself from this angle, might give your teachers -- and more importantly, YOU -- why this is the singular path you take when writing.

Sure, one can have one or a series of stories, but after a while, most writers want to move on to other things. If you can't, this might be an indicator of more deeper problems than a writer's group can resolve.


I just recently moved to China. I grew up in the Middle East. I spent my entire life, until this year, in the Middle East.

I don't really know if there's anything deeper towards it. I enjoy writing about how violence and the darker side of humanity. Sure, I could have repressed memories, but other than my writing, I'm very much alive.

I raised in a good home, from what I can gather. The problem is though, I like chaos. I function best when there's chaos swarming around me. It could be disorder, violence or sound. I function in it the best. I'm hardwired for that.


Well, you might want to look at your need for chaos...disorder, loud sounds, violence...are all about. Some insightful writing...self examination, etc., might be in order.

What brought you to China? I went to middle school in Japan and high school in South Korea. I'll be moving to either Taiwan, Vietnam or Thailand, more than likely, in the next 3 yrs. I want to live there for 3-5 years. No pipe dream: my parents lived there for over 20 yrs.


My need for chaos might be apparent to me right now, but I just like it. It's like my niche. The feeling that my life should be surrounded by chaos is almost innate. When things are too quiet, happy or whatnot, I find an urge to cause an uproar to get some peace in it. It's almost demented.

Nothing really brought me to China. After 11th grade in Egypt I just said, "I'm going to China", and I left. I don't regret it though, I've met amazing people here.

Wow, you've been almost everywhere in Asia. I'm considering going to Japan after next year to learn about food in Tokyo. Food is my life, I can't see why I shouldn't focus on it.


Saalam, Tanguy -

So what's your take in what happened to Egypt, the whole Mubarack regieme?

Why wuould u not finish school in Egypt? How were u able to afford, w/o parental assistance, to go to China?

Okay, now my turn to answer some questions for u: Japan is very organized. If u saw what happened with the ppl after the recent disaster, you get the drift. I remembered in one day having 3 different ppl pick up a piece of paper that I kept dropping (it was stuck deep in my jeans and I kept pulling out a handkerchief; one person followed me outside the store to give it to me.

Japan, Tokyo especially, is VERY expensive. You have to put down some significant amount of money -- called KEY MONEY -- before you rent a place there. However, there is a program for teaching English there that's been going on since post WWII called JETT (no one over 40 is allowed to even apply. Maybe it's 30, don't recall.) They provide you with free lodging, and one is assigned to a school for a year with 1-2 additional years available as an option.

Koreans, on the other hand, are sort of the "Arabs of the Orient." Sharp business people, lots of energy, can be aggressive, but also very Asian like any other society.

I wasn't long enough in Thailand to venture an opinion, but more laid back. Sort of (I hate stereotypes but they're handy), the "Latinos of the Orient." More easy-going, extremely polite and friendly (at least in the exterior.) However, it was hot/humid as much of SE Asia is.

Laos and Cambodia were just too poor. I ran into a 26 y/o Belgian triathlete that was trying to bike across Laos. He gave up after 3 days. He couldn't find spare FOOD in most of the villages, and when he was able to find some in a monastery, it was all rice! He needed protein.

If it's food you want, I might select either Vietnam or Thailand. The Thais (and their neighbors) use all sorts of spices (heck, perhaps INDIA might be better: every 100 miles is another culture/food style and India is the spice capital of the world, I'd think.) The Vietnamese hardly cook at home as they can go out their door and find a sea of 24-hr open-air restaurants serving food around the clock. Both VN and Thailand are INexpensive.

So, tell me about China???

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