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I love literature, more than nipples. There's just something that baffles all of the teachers I have in school when I turn in a short story with sex in it. It's like porn, it shouldn't be shunned upon!

What are your thoughts about writting sexual scenes in poetry, literature, music and whatnothaveyou?


I'd say that everything has a time and place. If you're not overly graphic then I don't see why there's a problem. I would also like to point out that if all the short stories that you write contain sexual scenes then you're in need of variety and it might seem like you're too interested in sex. It's surprising that your teachers would be so against it though. Do they not listen to any music (especially mainstream) or watch any movies?


Teachers are really not allowed to encourage sexual talk because so many things have happened with teachers crossing the line. Teaching should have its place and same thing with sex. Its like you wanting to have sex in public and want to show off your fantasies because you think your so cool. Well maybe I am wrong but your teacher is your teacher, not your friend and its like talking to a stranger if your waiting in a supermarket. Would you start telling that person who is waiting behind yu of all your sex capades? No, I don't think so and teachers should be respected just like a Doctor would be, as they are there to teach and make a positive impression on you. If you put sex in the quotient then it opens the teacher up for a lot of innuendos and threatens her/his profession. Put yourself in the teachers shoes with what has happened in the past with teachers going to bed with their students. In college it happens more because your adults but then it changes the whole relationship. If the teacher wants to exploit you so you can get better grades then sham on them but if there is true love then that is a different thing all together and then that too must be dealt with discretion.


I think the underlying problem is with the way society sees sex though. Why is it ok for a child to see a million graphic murders on TV, but one nip slip from Janet Jackson has the country in uproar. To my mind violence should be taboo, and sex should be discussed openly. It's the most special and intimate thing two people can do. I think the world would be a much better place if we all weren't so sexually repressed. Just my two cents :P


Good points there Mik. I agree there is too much violence in our society. I mean its on the news everyday. Why can't we balance the ugly stuff with some good news. I don't even watch the news. I go and find interesting things that are being discovered and keep an eye on what is happening in the world and how it affects us but daily crap that is repeated about 3 to 6 times or more on the news like the murderers who are put on trail for example. They just saturate us with their private lives. It is a terrible thing they did but sometimes I wonder if these sicko's do it for the publicity too. To become famous.Not that is a morbid thought. But I still think sex is a private matter between 2 consenting adults. I really don't wish to talk about my private life to strangers let alone my sex life. We have plenty of shows on tv already too that discuss sex plenty. And Howard Stern is one of those and I have seen his show and he is a vulgar chavenistic pig. Women are objects to him and I am not sure his show is on anymore but I find this particular show is very bad taste.