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So I just wrote some words from the top of my head hope you like! - Poetry Group

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Torn, torn into two
a life so empty feelings of nothing,
nothing that makes me stay true.
Ripped and split,
Beating and bruised, abanded and used
I am here torn.
I've seen your face,
I know your eyes,
I know that voice that peireces my crys.
But steadily you beat me,
Miss use me, displease me
I am here torn.
When you call me
I cringe,
nothings more worst
then the feeling of you up against my skin.
you swore to pertect me,
be here to help me,
yet you were the one that I needed so badly.
I am here torn!
Lost in a life,
feeling so confused
when you went their
I stopped believing in you.
You brought the sadness,
you gave me the hell,
you left me here in a dizzy spell.
I am here torn!
I faced my fears, and tackled my tears
I promised that I would never let you near.
You got the best of me,
with my own fears,
all of that time so many years.
I am here, here still torn!
Picking up the pieces
of a life unborn.
I am here!
I am here torn!
ready to struggle,
and become much more.
things you did never helped me
but I made it, I'm strong!
I am brave
I am here saying good god's grace.
Give me the strength ,
I want to be who I am,
I'm tired of living in the shadows of this man.
Give me the time and
please give me peace
For I am torn and trying to release.
I am torn, torn is what I am
I'm picking up these pieces to start over again.


Well put!


Thanks hun!


That is awesome. I love it!


that was beautiful!


hell yeah!

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