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I am the rain. - Poetry Group

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You don’t get to see me at my weakest.

You can’t love me at my lowest.

Your heart holds so much hate.

I quake.

I fear.

I fall to my knees before it.

The rain becomes the friend.

It hides just how deep the tears lie.

The tears become it and in that,

I have become more than nothing.

I am the sadness of the rain,

the fury of the storm,

and yet still the nothing of the clouds.

You can’t hurt the rain.

You can’t calm the storm.

You can’t break the clouds.

I will give myself in to this,

and become more than I am.

I will become something you can love,

as I trail down your windows and shake your walls.



Lovely piece, thanks for sharing


Thank you. Was more of a vent really.

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