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Joke... Why do we talk so much? - Gay Guys! <3

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It's a Vietnamese speech in a contest. I translate to English... I'm not so good because I am Vietnamese and live in Vietnam, too... I may make some mistakes... Correct me if you have time, thanks in advance.... Love all ya!

Long long ago, people were using weapons to fight. But nowadays, to be a killer, they just have to use their voices. God gives us abilities to talk and we should use our mouths effectively. So, why do we have to talk much?
Firstly, talking-much is a specialty which God gives us people. Are there any kinds of animals that can talk all day like people? No. Are there any kinds of animals that can talk but listeners have to understand in another meanings, like people? No. We sometimes say "God gives us 2 ears and just 1 month" so we have to listen more than talk. But, they don't understand all the meanings of the quote. Because of just 1 month, it must be more active than another parts of our body which have their partners. If we lose 1 ear, we would have the other, just like our eyes. But we have just 1 month, if it's lost, we can't find anything to replace.
Secondly, talking-much is good for our health. As the results of science, because of talking-much, women live longer than men in many way. A man just keep silent even he is happy or sad. He keeps their feelings and they the feelings will become stress in many way and the man will die. But it's different from a woman. She talks instead of silence. She uses words to reveal her emotions. She can chatter about the problems that she met, is meeting or even has never met. Moreover, she may not need the advice because she may get the best solutions while she is talking.
Thirdly, talking-much helps us to get a happy family. Woman who just stay home all day haven't got the occasions to talk. They don't talk alone because they're not half-mad. They can only talk when their husbands and children come home. They talk to make a very happy and funny atmosphere in their homes. From prehistoric era, man hunt and woman works in the fields. Therefore, woman can chatter but man cannot because they have to hide in the dark.
Finally, we must distinguish between talking-much people and talkative people. Talkative people are absolutely talking-much people. But talking-much people are not talkative people because sometimes they just talk about one thing from day to day.

It's the link of the clip, in Vietnamese : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsZCbTStyXo&


Well done! Lelvin Phan. !


Good One!


Makes sense.


I can track what you are mostly right. My suggestion is have it proofread by. Someone. Your English. Is very good.


Very good..and your English is good