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How do you begin your new social life after you "come out?" - The Gay Christian Network

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Hey Guys & Dolls,
I just recently "came out." So....what do I do now? I don't know where to go, what to do, who to meet....It's like being reborn again, not a born-again Christian , but a born-again gay Christian. Where do I find my people? I feel like I need some sort of community support.

Any Advices? HELP!!!


I have that question and what if you are a senior citizen that has just come out? Let me know if you learn anything good, OK?


Just curious why its taken both of you so long to come out? All I have to say is live your life the same.. its not like we have a secret club house or secret hand shake.. it be cool if we did.. anyhow if you love God then love God and don't let anyone take that away from you..


hiya guys

Coming out in my opinion is never easy so good for you, for accepting yourself for who you are.

the best thing i can suggest is that you search online for local groups where you can meet others in the same situation as you. this could be a good starting point. Finding your local gay scene and going there is another one, but going alone might not be the best thing especially if your shy. so going to a group would help you with that too.

In the uk, there are many gay/lesbian etc christian groups, so hopefully there are where you are also.

Regardless of religious belief, there should be a group out there or some kind of support for you (young or old)



@Elaine, feel free to read all the advices given here. I think I would just start searching online for local Christian groups first. Thanks Stuart!


Okay... let's call a spade a spade. Unfortunately, our community has found it's niche in the bar/party scene. I say unfortunately, because I no longer drink and haven't been to the bar in years. Having done that, I have lost contact with most all my friends.

There appears to be two groups of gays. Those who live in a bar and those who stay to themselves. I know members of both and have been a part of both. I have found that being with accepting straight folks is as good as being with gays.

Just be yourself. Continue your relationships and let the chips fall where they may. I would whole heartedly suggest getting involved in a non-bar scene, unless that is your bag. It can be a lot of fun, if you don't get carried away.

There are always the church groups, but I have found more involvement with this group than I ever did at MCC. It seems that MCC is for worship on Sunday mornings only.

If this little rant doesn't have you totally confused... you never will be...LOL


@Patrick..haha, nah, I'm not confoosed. I got what you're saying. I've been in the whole party scene and church scene. I must say, the party scene is a whole lotta fun, but I always feel like crap afterwards. It's like an addiction. It's bad for you, but you keep going back for that quick high. With the church group, everyone is more mellow. I might not have as much "fun," but I go home feeling peaceful, joyful and right with God. Thanx for your advice. It ain't no rant!


You could join the Episcopalians and you can have the best of both worlds... Party and preachin' at the same time... LOL


hmmm...I'll take that into consideration! =P

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