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A woman who asks too much always stays empty.

Her soul is barren.

She seeks desperately and nothing is found.

Her neck aches because of her wondering eyes wanting to see not just ahead.

And every person she meets, she drains their spirit only for her advantage.

Selfish acts are her prime, so they say. But they don’t understand her motives.

The perfect one is out there.

All you hear is “Keep this. Remove this. Don’t say that!”… They are never right.

This molding can’t persist any longer.

So she’ll keep seeking and yearning for a soul to fill hers, to complete her.

But when will she learn? There is no perfect individual. It’s a matter of meeting at the middle…


Compromise instead of perfection because perfection truly does not exist. To be content with what you have as long as it makes you happy and make you feel good inside sometimes that is the closest you will ever come to perfect. People can make improvements but truly perfection is in the eye of the beholder.
Sometimes we keep lurching foward because we really don't know what we want. Never being satisfied is just looking and never wrapping inside the moment and finding that happy moment. Where ever you go instead of lookng and looking and never being happy, settle down and see what happiness there is in front of you.

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