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What is your definition of Sin.
It seems to me I am told by everyone what is sin yet I do not feel it the same way as they do.

Give you an example: A couple of years ago, I was fooling around with this guy even though he had a boyfriend. I was still exploring whether I was gay or not and I met this guy online. We chatted in person but then we became sexually active.

At the time I didnt think I was sinning and I was still going to church and receiving communion every week but was possibly committing adultery.

I didnt feel it in my heart yet I felt down. We caught up again a year later and he was single at the time; I stayed at his place I still felt down and couldnt wait to get away from him.

I look at it now and I think the sin here was I was abusing myself by being open to just anyone as I thought sex was love. I thought this is my only chance to be in a relationship.

I even remember when we eventually had sex, I couldnt wait for it to be over. Sad, really. I have waited all my life to be in relationship with someone.

Just recently I have been seeing this guy who has been my friend for a while. Same pattern but the difference is we are both on the same page. We both know it is nothing serious and I dont feel guilty what I am doing like I used to.

Anyway what are your thoughts about what is a sin. Cast aside what you have been taught by others and biblical verses!


hiya Ryan

Putting religion aside (any religion). Sin i think has a lot to do with a persons personal moral compass.

As a child i grew up with the church (even though my parents wasn't religious, i went due to out of school activities). I found the church very comforting with a lot of stuff that happened to me. and later a good starting point for my religious/spiritual journey.

As a teen I came to think there was more to the world than what the bible said/says and because of the view church has on being gay, i left and searched for other spiritual enlightenment (i have a point honest).

With most religions, they have similar standing on the basic ten commandments. but for me alot of what is said is common sense. Especially don't treat others how you wouldnt want to be treated yourself.

So for me sin comes down to this. as long as you live within the law of the country your in, you dont cause others harm and that includes harm to your self, then its ok. I have become very interested in a pagan/wiccan path now (although i still feel a strong connection with the church and bible) and there is a wiccan rede which ends with this "An ye harm none, do what ye will", which i find is always a good starting point when you're not sure whether what you want do to is a sin or not.

For your story about finding yourself, for me, i think sleeping with someone else who you knew to have a boyfriend was wrong (or a sin - if you like) unless they had the open relationship that some do. I say this because should you find yourself in a loving relationship would you like it if you found out your partner was sleeping with someone else. and i think even though he was single later on, deep down you knew it wasn't really the right thing to do and thats why you were sad about it.

I am glad that you have now found yourself being able to enjoy sex, and has long as its with two (or more - if you like that kind of thing) consenting people, Serious relationship or not as long as you are honest with each other - i wouldn't feel guilty.

hope that kind of answers your question.

stuart :-)


A sin to me is separating yourself from God. We have the Ten Commandments, and all the others that have come from Paul, but I still, in my heart, feel these are a learning/teaching experience for the time.

I do not hear Jesus sinning us to hell. He came to fulfill the law, not deny it. We are weak, and cannot live by the Old Testament Laws. Thus Christ died for our sins and sits by the father as our intercessor... kind of anyway.


thanks guys


Since this is a Gay Christian Network, I think it's very difficult to define "sin" excluding Jesus' teachings. I wouldn't know how to answer it. If I'm a Christian than my moral compass comes from Jesus. The two is absolutely connected. If not, than I'm living a double standard life. It will be like, I have my "Christian" morals, then another set of "personal"morals. In my case, it just wouldn't make sense to me. There will be contradictions, unless we choose to overlook them. That's my two cents. Food for thought.

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