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Can someone explain to me how I can be a Christian and be gay? In my church that I am forced to go to by my parents it is a sin. Idk how I can be a Christian and be gay at the same time. Please help.


Hi Marissa,
I don't want to confuse the two. Church and Spirituality .
I too have struggled with this and prayed for wisdom on this matter.
I think its a very personal passage we travel but as for me, I consider myself a Christain because I believe in Jesus Christ .
I am gay and my God is all loving and kind.
We were born this way , We did not choose to be this way.
God knows our heart regardless of what some religious pastor or priests would have you believe, Its in my opinion that each and every person on earth has sinned, not that one sin is any better than the other one.
I would also caution anyone who would be so quick to Judge you and say your sinning. JUDGE NOT, LESS YOU BE JUDGED THE SAME WAY.
As for me and my house, We will serve the lord.
I can only hope and pray that when my time comes and I am ready to meet MY Lord, He will say Job well done!
I hope this helps you in some small way even.
Remember, We come into this world alone and we leave this world alone,
There will be no one to go with us when that time comes, so you have to be true to yourself and your own beliefs! I hope God gives you wisdom in this matter so your heart will find contentment. God Bless ,


Nobody can tell how you live your life. The one who thinks that homosexuality is a sin. The did not read all the verses. I did some studies and find that people been misusing those verses. We are the ones to show the new geneoration what the bible says. Look at slavery in U.S.A. It was a mis used verse in the bible as well. There a lot of misused verses that people thinks is right.

A friend
Howard "Thomas" Rea


Sister Mirissa,
Please check the discussion, boards, as this question is ask for many times and I have devoted a great amount of energy researching the subject because I foremost and above all, believe it or not do know your pain. So please check the discussions, that have almost the same query as you. I am getting old and my time not patience is short, I have sat here night after night glued to my seat transfixed by a Higher power that would not let me stop until it was at peace with what I was directed and made to write.
I am nether wise not smart, but I do love God with my whole heart/

Please check the post and then Amazon for the subject matter to answer your questions.

Trust me I have been a long standing member of this community, and would not be here today, if I was a a fake.

Please direct your attention to Amazon (By the used or new at lower costs, if you wish to buy at all or check them out at your library ; here ya go/

If you do not wish to trust my link then use Google and type in "Christian and gay"And do not fear for many of these book snot only tackle the hard questions but also, back the answers, quoting their sources and the bible, why they may have been written for both a anthropological point of view but the times, culture and tradition in a historical point of view so that you can understand why at that time, they were and may have be written

Amazon links



Living in Sin?: A Bishop Rethinks Human Sexuality [Paperback]
John Shelby Spong (Author)

Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century by John Boswell (Nov 1, 2005)


Hate Thy Neighbor: How the Bible is Misused to Condemn Homosexuality by Linda J. Patterson (Apr 10, 2009)


Youtube Vids you might like and /o r need, they who sing, pray twice!

You Are Loved - Josh Groban - A short film


You raise me Up (with lyrics)


You Raise Me Up!!(A Jesus slide show)


I am The Day - Libera (Complete Version)


Libera - How Can I Keep From Singing




Celtic Woman - Someday


Celtic Woman - When You Believe


Jesus meets woman at a well


Woman at the well


IT GETS BETTER: Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire


Rabbi Kleinbaum message to LGBTQ Youth





May God Our Father be with you always, and His Son, and the Holy Spirit Light and guide you path, back to He Who made Us all.

Anthony Of Portsmouth++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Peace be with you.


you can definitely be a christian still. Your sexual orientation is not all of you and shouldnt be.

Like Butch said the followers have no right to judge you.

Also has anyone know that you are gay. If not then do not let your mind tell you, u do not belong there. God accepts everyone even you would not be breathing right now!


People can pick and choose what passages they want to prove about any point they desire. I'm very sure these people are using Leviticus as their determination and these are the same people who go out and eat pork, wear mixed clothing and all the other sins mentioned in those passages.

I hate to repeat it again for those who have already experienced my rants, but do not simply accept what is given you in any church. Do you own research. There are many books out there explaining what you are asking. You need to be your own educator. Question everything even things with which you agree. Know why you agree with it.

You don't mention how old you are, or if you are out to your parents. I would think you are young and not out to anybody. That will be one of your next challenges.

You were made by the same God who created the minister and the people who call our lives sinful. That is what they have been taught and they have not taken the opportunity to educate themselves.

Bless your heart, and blessing upon your house for understanding and acceptance,


May the force be with ya Marissa! We're all behind you! Being 15 is difficult enough and on top of that you have to struggle with spiritual issues. Hang in there. God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.....I love that song!


Marissa.. you have your whole life ahead of you. God made you and MY God does not make junk. Don't let the bigots get you down. Just use your abilities to help our community become mainstream as much as possible.


I'm sure we're all very welcome! You're such a sweet girl. Take good care of yourself. Love yourself for your body is a temple of Christ.

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