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my friend - Lesbian Ladies

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My friend who is a lesbian just told me that she loves me and want to be all serious with me. For the fact that i love pussies,i don't fuck my friends{esp really good friends}. Yeah i do love her even more than a friend
and i don't want to lose her,but the thing is i feel that if we start dating,things are not going to be the same again&gti might start avoiding her


sadly in my experiences once your friend tells you that she loves you it changes everything anyway because even if you dont date your not going to want to go to her and talk about girls you are dating or anything like that because your going to see the pain in her eyes and things like that so as for changing the relationship its already a little to late for that but I would say you guys need to talk about it and tell her how your feeling and your fears about being with her and see what she has to say as well


I concur with Amber, the playing field has already changed, there is no denying that.

From what I have experienced, both painful and joyous, my advice is this: Since a change is already in motion, there is little to lose from seeing this relationship through to a more serious state, for no matter the outcome, things won't be the same again. I feel that the only chance to seize the happiest outcome of all this is to embrace the situation and see what happens.

I really hope that helped, I know how awkward it must be.


I agree with Amber ever since one of my guy friends said he loved me it's never been the same, if he wasn't on drugs at the time I would have totally dated him, he is clean now and has grown up so much but the problem is he is
soooooooooooooooo in love with me and I am not, a long on going thing and I am just hurting him.

You might as well date her, at least you will get to be with her instead of never being with her and things endding akwardly.


thanks y'all!!! i really do love her