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Help Send Message for Marriage Equality - Just takes a click of the mouse. - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi Everyone!
I recently came out about 2 years ago -- to myself, my family, and my friends. I owe it to my boyfriend (now fiance) for providing me the courage to do so.

Now that I'm out, I'm trying to give back to the community. We both volunteer for LGBT charities and we are currently facilitators at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center too.

We created a website for our fight for the freedom to marry: http://www.LoveAtFirstWink.com

The name, Love At First Wink, is how we met! I "winked" on Match.com (I had been scoping him out for over a year and was too scared and in the closet to do anything about it) and he responded! (he was logging in to cancel his account after a year of bad dates!)

The purpose of the site is to help put a face on marriage equality and provide ways for people to get involved with the LGBT community, gay or straight.

Our current mission is to bring attention through mainstream media. We've entered a wedding contest and are trying to become the first ever LGBT couple to win a national wedding contest.

We're in 2nd place.

We've received support from GLAAD, Freedom to Marry, The Trevor Project, Marriage Equality USA, Advocate, Out, Gay.com, GayWeddings.com, and many, many more (they are all listed on our website).

We're hoping we can get your support too. Voting ends this Saturday and we can take first place with everyone's help.

Please vote and share our link:


or just visit our website, www.LoveAtFirstWink.com and click the big vote button

We hope you can help. The media attention an LGBT couple winning would create is invaluable for the fight for marriage equality.

Robbie & Allen


if you live in Canada it already is legal here to get married.


Wed., April27th, 11, 19:35 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi There,
In Canada Its LEGAL for Gays/Lesbians to Get Married. A Lot of People in Canada, Don't Like It But We Were Lucky We had a Liberal Govmnt That Made It Possible.
Love to Marry My Roomie/BF. More Out Then He Is,
All I Can Say is Good Luck to You Guys on the Other Side of the Line.


We'll be flying to Boston most likely to get married. But we still would like to be married here in California! Please help us by voting and sharing our link with friends, if you can.


All this talk about fighting for gay marriages to me as a waste of time and and energy. If you on all that live in the straight world get a woman or man. There are other issues needing to be addressed.

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