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5:15 a.m. - Poetry Group

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The thoughts in my head that don't go away
why did we go and why could'nt we stay?
I was comfortably numb, slowly dying, rotting away, why could'nt I live with that
Now my dreams haunt me..love them, hate them driving my mind over the edge.
Should've stayed numb, should have just died,
Just let it go and it'll be o-k or will it never be o-k again.
Killer eyes and homicidal sighs...Guess Melissa said it best " you can't resist it to be twisted in her suicidal thighs".... Its a deception to perfection her exceptional hips!!


Wow!! that is beautiful. i understand the poem.
i write alot i did a creative course but i couldn't stick to it.
i did half of it it was very intense for 2hrs without a break.


I'm sorry I am confused!
Is it her controllling thighs and hips that have you mesmerized?
Was she so controlling and then let you go feeling empty and wanting !
Sorry just not sure and want to understand it all.
I like the words you use in the beginning, it just flips around to much for me to understand the whole meaning.
Maybe I am just being thick headed today!


No I thought it was over for me and boom there she was.Probably should'nt have gone but, could'nt resist !! The thighs part is a lyric of a Melissa Etheridge song.. Secret Agent..I'm a melissa fan. Took my son to his first concert it was melissa and his 13th BDay, he loved it!!! Check it out...good song!

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