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?? - Lesbian Ladies

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is it wierd to really connect wit ppl online or fall in love wit someone uve neva met before....... or is it shady


No, its not wierd. I got to know my first girlfriend on facebook and we were 'together' for 7 months. But it was long-distance. We experienced the usual problems of longing to be with each other and not getting a chance until I finally went to visit her in her country. The thing with that kind of relationship is that the sooner you meet the person the better. Cause there are things that you can only see when in person that you can't see when chatting online...

People told me this but I didn't listen to them and I found that when I finally met my girlfriend after 7 months of being commited to her, she was nothing like I thought she'd be.. She's still a sweet girl and she's still my friend but as a lover there were a whole bunch of things about her that turned me off to the point that we had to break up. If I had dated her in real life then I wouldn't have been able to last that 7 months. So what I have to say is I believe that people can connect online, but if you want a relationship it's best to meet as soon as you can and see if she really is how you imagine her to be.


Personally I find it weird. You can not possibly get to know someone online. Yes you can learn things about them, but that's it. The things people say and the things they are do are completely different. It is okay if it is same state because that is doable if you can travel a few hours to see each other, but when it is multi-state, multi-country, forget it. The chances of you actually meeting in real life, having a real life relationship is nil. There are so many things that can go wrong with those kinds of relationships. You will picture this person one way in your head, but in real life they will be nothing like that. Also it is dangerous. I advice against it because 99% of the time someone ends up hurt. But it is up to you. If you want to go for it, but if you have any doubts at all then don't.


My parents lived in 2 different countries (Step mom: Philippines Dad: Texas).
They have been married for 7 years now and are doing great they had a long distance relationship and now live together.
But they don't always turn out great they can be hard.