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3 a.m. - Poetry Group

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Just sitting here at 3 a.m.
wondering, thinking.
How could it have been so perfect, so awesome, so intense.So carved into my skin!!!!!!!
Why were we on the computer when we were'nt really alone but, we were so alone or maybe just lonely.
Bed Death has reared it's ugly head and now bed just means sleep...I don't want sleep, Intimacy is all over my head drowning me in emotions and thoughts that are'nt supposed to be mine.
The way it feels to touch a woman, how can it go away in the blink of an eye. When did "I love you" start feeling like a lie?
I can't help it feels like an excuse, no effort, don;t even try!
I know I would try so what is the problem and where does the solution lie?
I can't wrap my head around all the emotions and desires I feel right now.
They say time heals all but....no!! Time is'nt healing the feelings I have and the thoughts in my head.
When did love die and what becomes a lie?

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