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Places to meet in South Wales - Gay Guys! <3

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I know I have to make the effort , get off my butt and get out there, but I do not where to go, done the Clubs in my youth,
would like find : ie. learning group, musical group,
Can anyone help?


Lol, I'm a home bird and don't go out much, being in Port Talbot is a bit difficult to find any learning group or musical groups because there isn't much happening, however if you have a search in google I'm sure you'll find a lot in Swansea, Cardiff, Llansamlet, maybe Neath (not to sure lol)
I myself am a musical person I play the piano (had some lessons off my ex b/f) but I still have not had any professional lessons, mainly because you can't find any music teachers in Port Talbot


im here at selly oak birmingham place meet me im 32