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If I could talk to you tonight
what would I say?
Tell you how my life's turned 'round again
And all the ones I called a friend
Turned their back amid the frey

If I were in your arms tonight
I'd pray I'd found
Finally the safety and comfort of a home
I'd finally give the love I should've shown
Before I turned our worlds upside down

Ain't it funny how the worst of times
Always seem to bring to mind
The best times of one's life
And I know I gotta get back on track
Look to now and don't look back
Is this how one says goodbye?

It's not goodbye I'm crying for
but just some peace
Peace from knowing we are one again
Peace from ever showing chaos like I showed you then
The walls are down, enter in peace.



When you are afraid of the dark,
Know that I'll be the brightest light shining.
When the world seems to look scary around you,
I'll help carry you through the storms.
When you feel confused and weak in sickness,
I'll help you get better each day.
When people betray you and give no sympathy,
I'll be there to comfort and hold you tight.
When you work hard to build a better future,
I'll give all my support and undivided love.
When people betray and gossip about you,
I'll stand by you and be loyal forever.
When you feel down and depressed,
I'll hold you up and make you laugh.

Sunday, March 27th, 2011


Not Crying Anymore

Darling, cover my eyes,
Dry all these tears.
Come hold me tight,
Make me cry no more.

Wipe away the hurt in my heart,
Heal confused emotions and fears.
Hold these shaking hands,
Whisper you're not alone, anymore.

Guide me in true love,
Caress me with tenderness.
Listen when I speak,
Hear the words of my heart.

Where there are no lights,
No windows or doors.
Open into new horizons,
A ray of sunshine in my soul.

Sunday, March 27th, 2011


Love In Waiting

Awoke from love's passion,
Waves of morning dew splash.
Just before twilight's passing,
Pictures race through mind's eye.

With head on devoted shoulder,
Reward from works laboring day.
In majestic visions of time,
Her splendor form beyond brilliance.

Her regal bearing of classic queen,
With amour she inspires without trying.
How should this play out in time?
Shall we catch this elusive heart?

In love's initial encounter,
And whole fusing in bare motives.
A powerful force emanates within,
Swiftly turns into a pleading.

Obliterating oneself with passion,
With ease from eagerness.
With gladness held in firm command,
Keeping check on every move.

Fill this cup with fine diamonds,
And share the wine forevermore.
Come bless this opportunity,
And do everything with me.

And though we seem like strangers,
We share life's passages once more.
Bring us together joined forever,
With graceful conventional matrimony.

Sunday, March 27th, 2011



Smile to me with hidden motives,
Of thanksgiving and questions bare.
Through this ceremony of burial,
sweep this pain and fear far away.

Serving in time of limbo,
In silent movement sleep.
Out in the open sunshine,
Pray we shall never wake.

Come be mine heart forever,
Share in love's banquet of flowers.
Dance with flirtatious haze,
Whisper the proposal of amour.

This night we shall awake,
From slumbering dark shadows.
Walking along the shorelines,
Where love has powerful form.

You and I, together,
People will take notice one day.
Another love like this,
They will never know such as ours.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chained Hearts

A love of chained hearts,
We have shared since who knows when.
Growing each day with exchanging links,
Together bonding with graceful plays.

The collective ribbons of each heart,
Awake with our partnered slumber.
And I am loyally yours forever,
Tangled with many twists of fate.

Love remains in the chaos of time,
Where strangers never need to know.
Secretly our hearts have gathered.
For a long time wished to cuddle and hold.

How I have longed to tell you,
My soul's torturous pain.
The desire to unveil this secret,
Of how I really feel inside.

But indeed I do love you, dear,
Let me share this song so simple.
My sincere hope to draw close,
A love so precious and true.

Sunday, March 27th, 2011


A Love Victorious

When is it too late,
To share what's already there?
When we feel so deeply,
There is no question that love is here.

It's like carrying a weeping flower,
With expectations that love will surely grow.
We shall hold hands in unity of faith,
Made for a lifetime of harmonious bonds.

With intentional move of our hearts,
A pang of consciousness of love behold.
We're made just right for each other,
I knew it when we were introduced.
There's no question that to sever this bond,
Would make our hearts break in shattering pieces.

Is it too late to speak in sonnets,
Of how I really feel inside?
Can we feel something so deeply,
And not know when love is ever divine?

With tender loving kisses,
Each flower must be watered or die.
The question is, will this love survive,
Life's rocky road of hills and plains?

Sunday, March 27th, 2011