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if love is real

you show it

i see it in your eyes....

won't you be mine?

even on valentines?

or for any day of the week


Irenya's Song

If I could talk to you tonight
what would I say?
Tell you how my life's turned 'round again
And all the ones I called a friend
Turned their back amid the frey

If I were in your arms tonight
I'd pray I'd found
Finally the safety and comfort of a home
I'd finally give the love I should've shown
Before I turned our worlds upside down

Ain't it funny how the worst of times
Always seem to bring to mind
The best times of one's life
And I know I gotta get back on track
Look to now and don't look back
Is this how one says goodbye?

It's not goodbye I'm crying for
but just some peace
Peace from knowing we are one again
Peace from ever showing chaos like I showed you then
The walls are down, enter in peace.


I'm sorry, I'm new to this and did not realize I needed to post in another area. My bad!


no your fine. This is the poetry section but you can also discuss things too.
and what you wrote there is poetic.

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