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The Middle Road - Lesbian Ladies

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In all things in life I feel balance is the key, hence I am in the middle for just about any subject and that includes sex.

What happened to taking it slow, I feel like nowadays everyone either is
A: has sex the first night they meet
B: has sex after the third date
C: doesn't have sex until they are married

What the fuck happened to options
D: after a few months of getting to know and trust each other have sex
E: After spending X amount of time together the passion hits and then you have Sex

I am sorry but I need chemistry to want to get it on with someone and especially Trust, it's so easy for someone that you don't know to take advantage of you, and frankly I am sadden to see that most people expect me to want to have sex with them the same day twe meet because they assume I am like that.

I feel like I will never get to be in a relationship with anyone because I can't meet anyone in the middle of the road....THIS SUCKS.



i guess it depends.... a lotoff ppl are out there for their own pleasure, some for mutual fun and trust me there are others who want what you just mentioned....i think i prob fit in a few of them, but youre right, chemistry is a good key! and it sucks when the other one doesnt want to continue a friendship just because sex isnt on the table.... it sucks....

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