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5 RANDOM THINGS - Gay Guys! <3

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say 5 totally RANDOM THINGS about yourself ...


-i always hide from direct sunlight
-if i go to bed after midnight i'll turn into a zombie the next day
-the smell of parmesan cheese makes me gag
-i bought a golden retriever puppy but died 3 days before i was to bring it home
-i know the entire dance routine of "single ladies"


-i hate wearing clothing
-I also hide from direct sunlight shreik it burns u know the deal
-was pee'd on by a lion at a zoo
-had to repeat 1st grade
- favorite color is violet


-i love apples
-elevators freak me out
-i occasionally antagonize teachers
-will not go on a boat
-currently experiencing "height clumsiness"


- phobic with wasps
- love the smell of nail varnish
- hate touching cotton wool
- love mangos
- like running down hills


- I sometimes want to be abducted by Aliens
- I like sour candies
- I hate Zombies
- I sometimes have to recheck what I do
- I like riding airplanes


- I have been attempting to learn card magic since January

- I hate being clean-shaven, but also hate having an uncomfortable amount of face-fuzz. I also hate shaving.

- I have a problem with buying books. I buy too many of them too often. My book collection has grown quite large, and the subjects it covers are about 85% history of one form or another, with another 10% scattered between some criminology, neuropsychology, numerology(ish) and popular science, with about 5% fiction...

- I can't ride a bike. But I can ride a horse.

- I never learned my times tables, only random bits and pieces of them. If I have to do maths, I work out the bits of the other tables I need from what I already know.


-Like The Sims
-Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer
-Like Mother Monster
-Dressed up as Spider Man one Halloween
-I'm Too Sexy for this 5 Random Things.