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Kind of torn part two - Gay Guys! <3

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Okay gentlemen I don't think he I made myself clear. I'm not asking you all it is okay to date someone of another race I'm asking you do you think is right to date someone of another race because you are fed up with your all. To the gentlemen this is black men are controlling we aren't controlling. The Jimmy you may have gotten with my have been the most of us are normal people we could say the same thing about white people about Asian people or about any rice that there controlling the bed this that there that just because you had a bad experience and express just so happen to be with a black person does not make us a controlling group I myself consider myself a submissive. Getting back to what I'm asking. Do you think it's right to date somewhat but any other reason then you like that person? I hate to go back to the gentlemen and the black, it, yes that was am very racist thing to say about black people to Terres and that they the real controlling freaks or white people because it was the white people who brought the black people into this country your time and really affect me. Anyone out there can answer my question and just the question of do you think is right to date someone because you had a bad experience with another person?


yes it it right\