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I am trying not to be political here.. that is NOT my intent, but WE the people have a serious problem and since the people cannot handle the situation, we must revert to God for help.

As you all know, there are serious cuts being made in Washington. Unfortunately, these cuts are not, in my humble opinion, being made for the right causes nor the correct reasons. The leaders of our country seem to think the mentally challenged and others who are disabled, can live in a box, or barely exist. They are cutting programs to help these people, and Social Security and Medicare along with Medicaid are on the chopping block. Their hearts are hardened just as Pharaoh's was in olden times. These people cannot defend themselves, and they are just being put out to pasture and hope they will some how survive.

At the same time they are cutting these programs, SSA, SSD, SSI, and Medicaid, they are adding another $5 BILLION to the already expansive defense budget, which takes up a whopping 40%+ of our budget and amounts to the greatest amount for our deficit. This is lubricious!

We must do two things. First, get on the phone or your email and contact your Congressperson and Senators. Tell them they were sent to Washington to create jobs and improve the economy, not destroy people's lives. We paid for our Social Security and the benefits that go with it. These funds are not handouts.

Secondly, we need to pray that God will soften their hard hearts and have compassion for those who cannot fight for themselves. They must become realistic in what is cut and what isn't.

Pray harder than you have ever prayed before, because this has the potential to destroy our country more than any terrorist, even Vick, who wishes harm on this country. When they cut what money is circulating in the public, we will live as many of our parents, in the depths of depression. BUT these hearts must be softened.

Blessings upon your houses,


I totally agree cuts to social security are not good in 2005 I suffered a brain infecction that nearly killed me I tried to return to work but was unable thank god I had paid into my social security since I was 15. praise god I have been able to return to work and have been healed I don't need or get disability anymore but I do worry for senors and the disabled that can't do anything the cuts hurt us all. the goverment needs to cut thier own pay and take care of us that have paid into our future. not give hand outs


We have to do something.


I agree