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wana meet Gays men Lol - Gay Guys! <3

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l don't know any other way to be,,,gay is good for me


Its good for me too. I was married 28 years to a female and now I am out and very happy.


Been gay all my life...Have lover for 23 yrs now..It works for me..


I think being gay is up to the individual you're going to be happy whether you're gay whether you're straight whether you swing from the moon or jump in the lake is all your mindset overall I enjoyed my life staff I enjoy who I am I am true to who I am everyone here is so far from what I read essay in there happy they'll know no other way, no other way either than being get so you have to see what makes you happy is not your sexuality is not who you go to be a whit that determines if you're happy and that is how you feel that the person that makes you who you are gay is just being gay gay is just like being straight be a straight doesn't necessarily guarantee happiness be a bisexual doesn't guarantee happiness again is all on who you are and where you are in your life