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Hi to ALL my kind friends! - The Gay Christian Network

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You are all so AMAZING people! Thank you for your prayers and incredible words of comfort!

Things were never resolved after three trips to the hospital. (And being escorted ou of one while trying to help T!) More two hour trips that now always make me sick to my stomach and I have one appt. this week and one next week.

I have been getting hives now for weeks and there is very little I can do to ease her pain when she cries out. This so SUCKS! I know our Lord is in control in my head but my body is still displaying physical respones to obviously fear and NOT being able to be in control!

I miss not saying hi to the friends that have always been their for me!

@patrick: hugs to you! Are you over the crud yet?
@kelly: how are you doing girl?
@andre: I praise God that even if I have just my phone, I know were I can immediately read Gods word! How are you feeling?
@michael: my sweet BIC! How can say thanks to you? She is still fighting!
@jodie: thank you for your prayers!
@ian: thanks for your strengh and prayers!
@marianne: thanks to you,girl!

Please know when I think of you, I also lift you before Christ!
Love you all!


Always in our thoughts, prayers and hearts you are so loved!
Be at peace, and joyful, for that makes the devil madder then you know wat!


Rathnatthawat I would not post my phone # on line like that..


Deb you know that everyday I say a speical prayer for both of you..God is always there for you and I am too...


I am FANTASTIC.. just got back from sinning in Biloxi, MS. Took James over there for his birthday. He loves the casinos and this time he came home with some money!! I tripled my money... I invested $5 and grew it to $20. Yes I know.. the last of the big spenders...LOL