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A poem I wrote to heal my soul - Poetry Group

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The briefest of moments

Life is such a brief moment that is wasted
On the negative we focus our attentions on
When the joys are like fragile whispers of smoke
Caught in the monsoon storms

You live your life inside the bubble that is you
Where your thoughts that make you are held
Where the mind may wander around in endless circles
Seeking the truth that will never be found

Negativity held so tight it makes our hands bleed
We hold the knife-edge in clenched fists
Holding onto the moments that we loath
But cannot let go.

I fight the wisdom of thousands of years
Of indoctrination that tells me
That my life is worth less than yours
That my love in immoral that my life is invisible

You turn away in disgust as if something
foul has crept up your nose
As if being in the near proximity to me will
somehow taint you unblemished soul

the deprivation of the world cannot be laid at my door
the murder of innocence is not my cross to bear
for all the things you think I defile
by just being me

I take pity on your narrow-minded views of love and life
For when deaths dark veil final falls on your darkened soul
And the life has left your lips
When the enlightenment of the here after floods your eyes

And you final awaken to the soul you destroyed
The time will be to late to make amends
And for this you have my pity
My regret that I will live a life more fulfilled

Than you will never know!!!


i really liked that.


Good poem, Reid, two thumbs up.

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