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[Love Advice]:Means of Affection - Lesbian Ladies

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So, I often catch myself explaining to guys what affection and signs of love are. What has true values and which just has monetary value. But before I go on to opening the discussion I would like to preface this with, I know every woman is unique in their desires for displays of affections so if you disagree with one, please just keep that in mind?

So the main point of this discussion is to bring up and talk about how we communication affection. What ways do you tell your lover they are special. That they matter. There are so many ways that sometimes it is nice to have some idea where to start. While it all depends on the girl, the time in the relationship and such, I feel that affection today sometimes falls down to what can you buy or say to just get a momentary smile instead of things that will forever have meaning and can be treasured.

Call me old fashion but: Hand Written Letters. There is something special to see the person you like and consider a partner's hand writing on a piece of a paper addressed just to you. You know that they sat down with you in mind and wrote to you. I feel letters written in your lover's own hand is more intimate then any email or text can be. You could be seeing the person the very next day, but think of this.

You write a letter. You put your all into it. You send it out. You see your lover. A fight end up happening and there is no way you can think of to resolve it. They get your letter. They see how you feel in your own hand. Not some electronic quick half thought out text message or email. Or hell a facebook wall post. This is something you actually had to think about.


I love holding hands, small kisses, and the little things. I once dated someone who came from a lot of money, and wanted to show me off as arm candy. So some forms of overexaggerated PDA I distrust. Also, just because it's expensive doesn't mean you took a lot of time with it.

My partner is rather shy [he dislikes PDA], but very thoughtful. He comes from an average family and doesn't believe that showy = love. So instead of buying things, he shows his affection in the little things.

He's the kind of guy who, when he gets up earlier than me due to work, he'll make me a quick lunch with his breakfast, then cover it with saran wrap with a note to remind me to eat it. He's the guy who will walk 20 minutes in the rain to drop off an umbrella at the library where I'm studying, before walking home by himself. He also used to vacuum my house for me when we lived separately, when he found out I was allergic to dust. oh and he always bakes me a cake for my birthday, since he thinks bakeries are expensive, and this means more


To me I am afraid of affection.
I don't want anyone to kiss me, touch me, or hold me too long.
so...um I am proably the wrong person to ask.

I do like fighting though, and wrestling.


I agree with the writing letters, to me it's one of the most romantic ways to talk. My first girlfriend and I used to do that, even though we saw each other every day. Wrote a letter in class (later about random stuff) and gave it to each other on the hallway. Much better than a text.

What I often catch myself doing is simply look at her and smile, without saying anything or even want to say anything, just remind myself of what I have. Eye contact is just something that's very important. Especially since I hardly ever look most of my friends in the eyes.

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