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Look at me now...I'm still around. I walk up the stairs and down the halls of our childhood school. The paint is peeling and this building stands alone, abandon. But the broken sprits still remain. Years have come and gone but I can still hear the harsh laughter echoing within these empty halls of oh so many years ago. "Ugly”, "Freak" you all yelled out. Sorrow I cried out. I continue to make my way to our old homeroom. So empty…So lifeless. Sitting in the desk of what used to be our classroom. The engravings that I made on my desk are still there. 10 years later and the worse still wait. "Skinny bitches".., "Whores" Carved into the desk with a scissor. I still remember carving those words. Forever these words will remain. Forever these memories I have of you will stay the same. The ceilings begin to crumble. The spit balls that where thrown are still on the floor such insanifagent particles can be so meaningful to one’s self. This place is falling apart but the memories and stories of this place and of its people will never fade from history’s existence. I close my eyes and flash back to those school days. They seemed so far away. Before me I see the child weeping. It is I from past years. I remember that day. Alone within these halls. Sobbing as I made my way to my locker. How heartless you all where. Never once cared for me nor anyone else who appeared to you as different. As a child I used to love it when it rained. That way you couldn’t get the pleasure of seeing me cry due to your endless vicious torment. But now, I love it when the sun shines. So the smile I now wear upon my face is visible for all to see. That’s if any of you are still around that is. Even though it pains me to say…I must thank you. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Years of tears. Being told I couldn’t do it. That I wouldn’t make it. Being hated for whatever reason you could come up. Due to all your harsh words I am who I am. I remember someone once told me, “Never surrender yourself to the darkness until you find the light.” I lived by these words ever since. Just remember. In order for the brightest light to shine, darkness must be present. Well let’s see. Thousands of times you said I wouldn’t be here. That I should you everyone a favor and just give up. Years since then have passed and here I am. Where are you?


Absolutely Brilliant. I actually could feel as you felt. It is very moving and I remember some of the same treatment when I was a child. Some scars never go away, but the end is nothing short of heartwarming, loving, and a true testament to the determination of one's soul not only to survive, but to flourish. Thank You, My Beautiful Friend. Always, Bill


this took me a few days 2 write thank u. im glad u enjoyed it. i wanted to write somthing more inspirational ti people who felt the same way rather the my normal depressing/deep ones.


My Friend, This is not just inspirational, but a significant work. It tugs at the heart, stimulates the mind, and reaches all the way to the soul. You have no idea what a great story this is. Oh, and don't worry if you write depressing or deep things. Many times this world can be very depressing and somewhat deep, so it's good of you to let them know from time to time. They need to be reminded. Always, Bill


Yes I like it a lot Dj. I makes me want to write something of how it makes me feel.
You stood there laughing,
Snickering from behind,
Cynical faces that grew over time,
But now you are probably sad,
Because of your empty heads,
Have changed into older minds,
But your petty thoughts
Will destroy you in the end.


Wow this poem brought back so many memories from wen i was kid,Dj i know exactly how u felt wen u wrote this poem and its good that u didnt let things ruin of wut and who u r today,u spoke from ur heart and soul wen u wrote this,the world does sometime get depressing and cold at times but u pretty much reminded people that there is always a lioght wen darkness and its makes people choose if they wanna go into the light or darkness and since u wrote this gtreat poem people will be reminded.


very touching and i felt your pain as you went through that i went through much the same fom school as well as home all of hat has only made me a stronger man today and dont take peopkes negatvie knocks anynore.

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