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I used to be a christian, but i kind of believed there was more to it than the bible. I grew up with a lot of respect for the bible and what it teaches. Realises i was gay though, and how typically the bible is against all of that. I sought out alternative spiritualality. I found the pagan/wiccan faith very me. I have recently however found myself drawn to the bible again, and want to read it from a different perspective. but with all the gay negativity, makes me not.

Does that make sense.
I have become like mulit faithed, believe in many aspects of different things.


@ Stuart: Don't let people led you wrong. Nowhere in the bible that homosexuality is wrong. It is against straight people act gay. if you wish we can put the verse on here and I show you the real truth about it.


@Howard Rea I have to agree with you. What many people don't seem to realize is that it was prominently the Romans who added their own bits and pieces to the bible and they have had a history of looking down upon homosexuality. Not to mention the fact that many people, religious peoples and scholars alike, believe that the story of Sodom and Gomorrah aren't so much a tale of God punishing his people because of homosexuality, but rather their poor behavior in general and lack of adequate hospitality towards Him.


@Stuart I must admit that I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. It irks me to see that many people claim that this religion is the right path, and you'll be damned if you follow pretty much, their rival's religion. Who's to say that Christianity is the true religion over Islam or even Hinduism or the many forms of Pantheism.

There are simply too many religions in the world, in my opinion, for any one person/people to say that their religion is the one, true religion of the world. And seeing as how I'm studying world religions in college at the moment, one has to question why it is that so many religions have so many similarities in terms of events i.e. floods, mysterious and sudden pregnancies and births, resurrections, etc.

To be brutally honest I think it's extremely arrogant for one person to say that this religion is the true religion when they most likely don't even know a single verse or guideline or anything about another religion; particularly one that they're denouncing.


i have kind of always thought, that it was people who put the bible in words, it was their interpretation (and the times they lived in).
Thank you for your words, much appreciated. although i do find myself drawn back to the bible, i'm still not sure it is the "whole of spiritual answer" now, but do feel that "god" is everywhere, and its each individual interpretation (including other faiths) as to what is the answer/guidance we individually seek.

the one thing i do know though, is when i went to church i did enjoy the community aspect of it all, and the gathering etc. and i do miss that as a "pagan/wiccan"

thanks again



If I may Stuart recommend the following books for you to check out to assist you in your quest:
Living in Sin?: A Bishop Rethinks Human Sexuality [Paperback]
John Shelby Spong
Link here from Amazon


What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality by Daniel A. Helminiak (Apr 2000)


Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century by John Boswell (Nov 1, 2005)


The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality by Justin R. Cannon


Homosexuality, Revised and Expanded Edition: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church [Paperback]
Jack Rogers


Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay and Christian in America (Plume Books) [Bargain Price] [Paperback] Mel White


Religion Gone Bad: The Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right [Bargain Price] [Hardcover] Mel White


The Children Are Free: Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships [Paperback]
Rev. Jeff Miner (Author), John Tyler Connoley (Author)


And you can watch these from youtube, if you so wish:

homosexuality documentary


You are in my prayers and I wish you well, and hope that you find reconciliation in your faith life and journey

"Somewhere Under the Rainbow" - Homosexual Abuse Documentary


NOH8 Campaign speaks out to say, "It Gets Better"


Star Trek-Blood and Fire (Pt-1of 11) Gay episode.

This deals with the acceptance of gays as equals and gay marriage



It Gets Better: Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles "True Colors"


Yours In love and faith
Your brother in Christ,
Anthony of Portsmouth


Hey there,
I guess after reading these posts, I found that I have a reply to all of you. I am a Christian, though some of my Christian friends may not agree with me, but I do not believe that Christianity is a religion. I think that man has made it that way, but I believe that Christianity is all about a relationship Jesus and following His teachings. It’s not about denominations, rituals, ceremonies, or traditions; just a relationship.
As for the bible, I think it best for everyone to try and read the bible from a different perspective. The kind that totally rids our minds of what we were taught and told that the bible says, and go into it with a fresh and open mind. When we do that we find that the bible really has nothing to say about homosexuality. The word alone wasn’t even in the bible until the late 1800’s.

As for Sodom and Gomorrah, It’s funny how many blame its destruction on homosexuality; because of the gang of men that wanted to know the strangers. People forget that God made the decision to destroy these people long before the people approached Lot’s home. God informed Abraham of what He was going to do and Abraham went back and forth with God asking if 100 righteous were to be found, would God spare the…. God said he would spare the 100…. Then Abraham went down in the number to maybe 50 righteous people, and God said he would spare the 50… this went on for a bit until he finally went down to just one righteous person, and God said He would spare the one for righteousness’ sake. This whole conversation took place first. The decision was made before the whole group of men. And when we read the scripture concerning Sodom and Gomorrah, we find no statements validating that the destruction was because of homosexuality, but because of inhospitality, idolatry, and other ungodly behaviors.

I started reading the bible again in a different way; paying more attention to date, author, culture, laws of that time and culture, what was happening at the time, etc. This has helped me to see things more clearly and to understand the scripture more clearly. I also take more to heart what Jesus said and what He taught, and not so much about what Paul had to say or what James had to say. Though the teachings of the disciples are important to understand, I still like to make sure that what they taught matches up to what Jesus taught. The disciples, after all, were human beings just like you and me and were fallible, just as you and I are. So, if anyone teaches from the bible, it has to be validated by the teachings of Christ if I am to take it to heart.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe that the bible is so very important to my growth as a Christian. There is much to learn from the writers of the bible and from the historical wars and from the prophets. I love my bible; it is a guide to a life that God wants for us, but we are all individuals and God deals with us all as individuals.
Ok, I think I’m starting to ramble now so I will end here. I hope that what I have said made sense. I just wanted to share my thoughts about this with you all. Take care and God bless you.


Just for good measure
IT GETS BETTER: Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire


It Gets Better: Bishop Mark Hanson, ELCA


it gets better: wisdom from our gay elders


Gay Cop, Gay Marine - IT GETS BETTER!


it gets better - zachary quinto


Rabbi Kleinbaum message to LGBTQ Youth


Rabbi Weiss message to LGBTQ Youth and their rabbis, leaders, and teachers


'Harry Potter' Star Supports'Trevor Project'


Neil Patrick Harris' Message to Gay Youth


Collin Farrell Talks Bullying Against Gay Teens (05/26/2010)


Stand Up! - Don't Stand for Homophobic Bullying


True LGBT Stories - I'm From Las Vegas, NV.


Celine Dion & Il Divo I Believe In You


I guess that's it but you can also back track many of my writings on this site which I admit is quite a lot and some people think I am very wise, or spiritual
, but I can asure you hat I am not nor do I see myself that way.

Sometimes in a attempt to make a point or to help someone, something comes over me and I am glued to my computer, coming up with stuff I have no idea how. why or where I knew they are or are from and there it is, written, but I can not take credit for it, because I sometimes am in shock because what is written is very nice or what ever but I don't actually remember me writing it.
A bit scary actually, but for better or worse there I am.

Anthony of Portsmouth+++++++++++++++++++++++


So much I could comment on from different perspectives and teachings.
Funny thing here too is I hold doctorates in sociology and theology specializing in linguistics.

I have been an Assemblies of God ( AG ) pastor and a Professor of Biblical Studies specializing in Translations & Interpretations. I have also played the game Devil's Advocate on a number of occasions where I would sometimes have to deliberately loose so that I did not crush the faith of another.

When I finally came out of the closet I left the AG and studied heavily in Catholicism and when I finally took the plunge and became a full Roman Catholic everyone including the priests and Bishop knew I was a gay man and they were all fine with that.

I would like to say a couple of things here that really stood out.

1) Please remember this is a sub-group for and about Christianity. Everything else has it's groups elsewhere on here.

2) The "Bible" as we know it today is a "translation" into modern English which is done very poorly at times especially when we try to put ancient things into modern times without understanding just what is being said.

3) Back in Christ's time the Romans actually were a very positive and supportive society towards both homosexuality, male mentorships and sadly a type of what today we would call incest and temple same-sex prostitution which St. Paul speaks about in the New Testament book of Romans which today many uneducated people say was homosexuality.

4) If your going to "read" the Bible (over study the Bible) may I suggest you get a copy of a good readable translation and not one that is old-English with all the thee, thou, shall and etc. that has the Apocrypha books (the books that protestants removed from the Bible in the 17th century that Catholic Bible's still have in them).

I would suggest that for a great readable translation you try "The Catholic Living Bible" or just "The Living Bible" both are the same translation with the only difference being that the Catholic Living Bible has the Apocrypha in it which might make it harder to find - but well worth it in it's readability.

If you can't find that version/translation you might try the Revised Standard Version (RSV) which has both a Catholic & Protestant version or the New International Version (Protestant version only) both the RSV and NIV can also be good "study" Bible's too.

Your also more then welcome to check out my personal Websites entire area dedicated to Gay Christian studies located at [ http://www.ccservices.cc ] and use the menu "Spirituality" which lists various areas of help. Your also welcome to ask me directly anything via email [ DrWIL@ccservices.cc ] and I'll be glad to help answer it.

5) In my lifes quest for truth I have studied numerous "Christ-centered" religions and been a member of a number of them too. If I can be of any help there let me know.

A very wise and wonderful man taught me that "God uses other Christian churches and non-Christian religions in offering salvation to all humankind; the Catholic Church is not the only means of salvation." which is a quote from Pope John Paul 2.

Well enough for right now as it is past my bed time and I do need to be up early in the morning. I hope that helps you some and remember that is why there is a group on here for gay Christians to share ideas and thoughts, hurts and joys.

Dr. William Conley Ph.D., Th.D.


Ah thanks alot William, your words have also given me much to think about. I do like the quote you used from Pope John Paul 2, as that is what i have considered to be true for a long while. I will check out your website, as it sounds also a good place to re assess where I want to go spiritually.

Stuart Lacey


I pray for you on your journey. As long as you've accepted christ as your savior and have a relationship there you will find your way. May God bless you always


Great advice William. I would also suggest that he look into the Gnostic Gospels. You know the books that didn't make it in Nicae. Many of those are beautiful works and have opened my eyes and re-established a link to my Christianity. I had given up on the Bible and the zealots. I live in the Bible Belt and am so sick and tired of the bigotry and just plain hate that comes from these loving Christians.

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