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wanted a prayer for my coming Exam ! - The Gay Christian Network

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Is it okay for you all to help me pray for my final exam, cause i'm a little bit worried about it...


Prayer is awesome, studying is better, i.e., take it from a old Jedi Knight:
Youtube video
and again (Just in case there is any doubts!)

I'll pray for you also, but it would hurt to have a Olympus Digital voice recorder to go over what was said in class and that you have read!

Peace and blessings!

Your brother in Christ

Anthony of Portsmouth

PS good luck and also make use of the net to help you find resources so that you might not only surprise yourself but your teachers as well!


be strong !! God has a plan for you, love you


Thanks, now what am i gonna do is doing some revision...
oww, BTW thanks for the Link Andre.

Will be strong John...


If you did your preparation for your final, God will guide you, but you have to know the answers...LOL

I will pray for peace as you approach this final. That is the best thing you need.


My Prayers are with you Jonathan in your exam and in your life..Remember that God is always by your side..

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