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Loud music fills the room as people relax and converse with each other.
The relaxed atmosphere has everyone in a good mood nobody wears a frown
but they all wear the m upside down and they are all around.

A familiar face comes my for it is the famous jordin as she says i'm about to play.
some girl asks hey are you gay?

nope i'm just jordin and walks away

the coffee shop is pumping and flowing with creativity
a man in a beanie on the bass plucks away
the emo girls in the corner sway side to side with there eyes closed
absorbing the flow


I like this Alexa - except for the part of nobody wears a frown but they all wear the m which to me means that they are sad so it is a contradiciton of nobody wears a frown. So what does m mean ? maybe I misunderstood that part.
I like the last part the best.


them* i'm saying that there frowns are actually smiles


oh, okay, I misinterpeted that and I wanted to make sure. Okay Yea, I see but maybe you may want to change that around a bit as it is misleading to what you are trying to express. LIke the m they express is truly not around. Something like that maybe. Just an idea.
I am joining a poetry site and will have my poetry analyze too as that is the only way you can improve. I have never done it and it took me years to analyze my own poetry. My Aunt who has passed on now used to tell me my poetry speaks such truth. Well I don't know about that but here is one I will share with you and anyone else who comes to this discussion group.
Now this is just a poem about facts of life and how being part of life affects you and those around you. I also have a poem I wrote when I was without a job and what I went through digging through the garbage before my food stamps came in and finding things I could sale to survive. so I will include that one too. here they are:

“Giving us Purpose Through Illumination”

We are all a part,
Of one another,
Whether we want to,
Believe it or not,
We have affected the future,
Of those around us.
And continue to untie the knot.

From this association,
We need to record,
Of special moments,
We have had in our lives:
So when déjavu,
Should come into the realm,
And part of our lives,
We can catch the past,
And become illuminated,
With memories,
From tokens,
That helped us
Not to forget.

Giving a jolt to your brain;
You remember,
With bitter sweetness,
That hangs in the air;
And a tear starts to roll,
From the corner of your eye,
And slowly disappears.

Now your life has more meaning,
With wonderment,
That you became,
A part of that moment,
And it has affected your life.

What ever we touch,
Whether it is an instrument of life,
Or giving from the heart,
Whoever we see,
Or spend time with,
Each experience changes our lives,
Illuminating it,
With more clarity,
To give us purpose,
Because we have affected,
Those around us,
And continue the circle of life.

Jeanie Rose
November 2008

I saw this movie “Everything is Illuminated” that deals with a young man who seeks out his own existence to find his grandfather and the history of the Russian Jewish family he came from. (Starring Elijah Wood) He saved stones and other things to help him remember a time in his life. He comes to a house in the middle of a field of sunflowers and meets a woman who kept keepsakes of those who were killed and died together. She said to give them purpose of life, so that those who knew them would have a memory of who they were and she had many of these boxes stacked in her modest home to symbolize that these people did exist and were not forgotten. Influenced by this I wrote this poem.
Jeanie Rose

the second one:

“Surviving Life”

Jumping in the dumpster,
Looking for food,
Surviving the war,
Of the unemployment line,

No bullets here,
Just worries from day to day,
Finding the electric savior,
To keep our heads dry.

Sales signs,
Of houses and goods,
Stand on the highways,
For everyone’s good.
Helping to pay the piper,
You meet eye to eye,
Making deals to survive each day;
From couches, dressers,
And even t.v.’s,
Line the streets,
Of forgotten dreams.

And looking for a new beginning,
From everyday struggles,
Of mundane strife.

Prayers of hope,
Fill the daily mind,
While melancholy,
Strolls through the house,
And corners of depression,
Try to seep into each night.
Reaching out,
For a positive feel,
Of a high energy,
Surrounding your space,
Hoping for a sudden spark,
Of divine intervention,
From prayers of grace.

Surviving daily,
As you learn the ropes,
To the right timing,
For everyday nooks.

Discovering yourself,
In a different light,
When you entered the jungle,
Of everyday life.

Excited for the challenge,
Of what you will find,
Besides a mirror,
Of your wondering mind.

Never giving up,
Is the key,
You will find,
New treasures of gold,
Found from trash,
Of others minds,
To use and savor,
While my mind wanders.
Surviving life.

Jeanie Rose 07-23-2009

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