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Anger Is The Brand New Thing - Poetry Group

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[i know this doesn't really rhyme or anything but ... yeah, enjoy XD]

feelings of anger and resentment
boil deep down inside me
everything you are
all that you do, is hatred

i want to scream
yell at your soul
but it's not worth it
anger is merely a phase

wait for hatred
for your lies to be unveiled
but for now
clench my teeth and act normal

whatever normal may be
i don't really care
for insanity threatens
to unravel all, and everything.


Wow Olivia!! Good poetry does not have to rhyme. Those were some pretty explosive feelings there. I felt that for sure. Sounds like you really dispise someone who is selfish and self absorbed with themselves that it is upsetting to you!? Don't waste your energy and anger with people like that.Trust me they will get their just do. Bad kharma always has a way of biting those who are evil. Maybe not today or tomorrow but some day. Just don't let that person drag you down to her level and be yourself no matter what.